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  1. I just finished a test of this with just over 1300 miles on the truck. A tank was burned using my foot, and a tank was burned using cruise. My foot won by .5 mpg. I am in East Texas, so there are some hills and such to maybe explain this. I use 89 octane gas. I have a few road trips coming up, so i will try it again.
  2. Pictures of My Truck

    Album name explains it. I drive a 2014 Sierra Denali. Iridium Metallic, All Terrain Pkg, 5.3L. This will be updated from time to time with varying pics of the truck in places.
  3. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!&

    I saw that color iterior in a 2015 Yukon XL, so it is available for the GMCs. How to get it in a Sierra, I do not know.
  4. Fuel System Fault?

    Thanks to all of you who responded. Got my truck back today. They spoke with the GM engineers before taking my engine apart and were told to replace the camshaft actuator solenoid. What had happened was the solenoid got stuck in the full retard position. This makes sense given the engine was getting fuel and spark but no combustion. They replaced the solenoid, and vois la, the engine started and ran as it should. Since the part is mounted externally on the block, I took back ownership of the truck. I am elated to have it in good condition once again. Thanks again for responding and giving your input. Happy driving.
  5. Fuel System Fault?

    That would be nice, unfortunately I live 200 miles from the dealership I bought it at. I have some thinking to do and some converations to have with my local dealership (where the truck is) and the one I received it from. If anyone has some insight on how any of that would go down it would be much appreciated. This is the first new vehicle I have ever bought and I don't really know what to do.
  6. Fuel System Fault?

    Got word today that they think the problem is internal to the engine. They plan on checking the timing chains tomorrow. This does little to build confidence in my beautiful new truck.
  7. Fuel System Fault?

    Well, the dealership service center said it is not the fuel system or relays and that they really have no clue whats wrong with the truck. Kind of glad to hear that since, according to the GMC website, nothing in the fuel system is covered by the warranty. The dealership did at least give me a smelly loaner truck so I can get to and from work (staying positive). I'll keep this updated as the debacle progresses.
  8. Fuel System Fault?

    Thanks for the replies. Before I bought this truck I had a 2002 Suburban, and when I would change the oil, pumping the gas pedal would reset the "Change Oil" message. I was just rying what I knew might work for anything. Swapping relays would have been a good thing to try. Again, thanks for the replies, and hopefully I will be able to get my truck back Monday evening.
  9. Has any one had an issue with their truck stalling an not firing back up? Three weeks ago I took delivery of a 2014 1500 Sierra Denali with the 5.3 and this happened to me yesterday. I had to get it towed to a dealership service center where it still sits waiting for Monday morning when the techs get back in. I was leaving work going about 15mph with a full tank of gas and the engine just shut itself off and would not fire back up. It cranks, but is not getting signal or something to turn the fuel pumps on as they don't chime in with their signature buzz when the key is turned. I tried several different things to try and get the system to restart to maybe get me going to limp home, but none of them worked. Pumped the gas pedal 5-10 times with the key on, disconnected the battery for a short period of time, checked the fuses, tried knocking in a hard manner on the gas tank, and opened and closed the fuel cap. On top of it all, the thing only has 1330 miles on it.... Any words of wisdom for what I should expect the dealership to try and sell me on?

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