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  1. FS: Sierra 20" Chrome Toyo AT2

    These still for sale? It's been a minute...
  2. New GoRhino RB10 Raptor Style Running Boards

    These are SOLD, btw. And I freakin love em!!!
  3. aFe Mach Force Exhaust 2014-15 5.3 Sierra/Silverado

    Hmmm... bump so I can find it faster!
  4. FS: OEM Rubber Floor Mats 14 Sierra

    Yes, front and rear
  5. I can post pics if you would like but I'm pretty sure we all know what they look like. Black, Perfect condition. Have weather techs now. $50 shipped to CONUS.
  6. Good question. Also interested...
  7. PM'd. Not local but I can box em up hard!!
  8. WTS Hypertech Power Programmer

    FYI, It's sold
  9. WTS: 2014 Silverado CC Parts and Accessories

    Free Bump for a solid seller! Super cool to deal with and shipped immediately after payment!! Thanks!
  10. No new mids yet. That's next on the list for the audio but like I said, it doesn't leave a whole lot to be desired as is!
  11. Decided to start a new post since this one began for the old platform and is getting a little older: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/166277-kicker-soundgate-review-from-a-regular-dude/
  12. Original Post from earlier in the week: I just ordered mine for my 2014 Sierra CC (Non-Bose) and I can't WAIT for the UPS man to get here today!!! People can talk all they want about the price vs. aftermarket and bla bla bla. I ended up getting mine at Shopgmcparts.com for $847 on sale. Will try to post pics this weekend as well as give an updated eval for the new body style system. For anyone with a 2014 and up truck, you know that you basically run your entire vehicle from the steering wheel. I wasn't interested in messing with that and the head unit to get a little better audio sound. I'm sure I will swap out the speakers for something a little more crisp further down the road but for now, I'm stoked about having a little more boom in my Hip Hop and Rock!! So to update, I just had my system installed yesterday. Yes...I paid someone because I can't manage to pull apart interior panels without breaking all of the clips in the process so the $100 was worth the frustration to me (we can't all be master DIY mechanics!!) I have nothing but love for this system so far! It is so well balanced that it is ridiculous! I'm in my mid 30's and am not looking to turn my truck into a pressurized chamber any more so if that is what you are looking, look elsewhere. What it DID do is make it louder, more crisp, and enough bass to enjoy some electronic music, hip hop, rap, and rock the way the Sweet Baby Jesus intended! I listen to a very wide variety of music (really...not the typical "I listen to everything" knee-jerk answer that most people say) and I put the system to the test with quite a few different genres of music in the next two hours of cruising after picking my truck up from the shop. Not one time did it splat, bottom out, crack...NOTHING! I think that is one of the upsides to buying an all-inclusive package that is designed to go together. It knows its own limits and, within reason, won't let you push past them. I have no regrets on spending the money on it. And when it comes to space and appearance, the pictures they show online for the product is exactly what you get. You can see the sub box under the back seat on the passenger side but the front of the truck looks exactly the same as it did prior to installation. That was one of the huge upsides for me was that I wanted to keep it looking as factory as possible. I know it was a bit wordy but I hope this helps anyone who is sitting on the fence about whether or not to pull the trigger like I was. And come on critics, bring all your worst about how much it costs and how you can get a custom system for the same price and...whatever. I bought it on Tuesday night for $850 brand new from ShopGMCparts.com, had it on Thursday, and had it in the truck for another $100 before lunch on Saturday. Take it from a true music lover (NOT a car stereo critic,) this thing was worth every cent and I believe will not let you down! Cheers

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