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  1. Gonna use their springs also. At what point should do you need to get into different A arms and all that. 3 inch and up? What is recommended?
  2. Thanks for the input. Its between those and the Bilstein lvl kit. I like how the Eibach comes with new springs vs a spacer though, and the rear can accept a 1 inch lift ( the add a leaf ) without issue. Think its gonna be the Eibachs.
  3. Hey all. So I have an 18 silverado 1500 CC 6.5 bed. 153 wheel base. And the truck is white. So the rake looks even more obnoxious and the tires look smaller due to the truck being a bit longer. (18 inch standard z71 rims) Stock goodforoneyears about done at 25k and need a change. I want to level it out but also want to add an add a leaf to reduce squat when I throw the trailer/quads on the back. Hoping to stuff as much round peg in the square hole as I can. The hard part is I don't want to max out my front end and gibber up my ball joints and tie rod ends and all that. Is there a happy medium? Thanks in advance.
  4. Press and hold the tow button till the message comes in in your center screen. Press and hold to turn it back on.
  5. If you press and hold the tow button on your shifter, it shuts down the anti coast feature on the transmission. Not sure if this has been posted yet...
  6. Not sure. I traded my 14' double cab z71 5.3 with 3.42's that had the highway vibe after they basically fired a cannon of parts at the rear end and fixed nothing. I got an 18' crew cab 6.5 bed (153 wheel base) z71 5.3 with 3.42 and smooth on the highway, but has the low speed vibes like yours. The hard part is to get anyone to admit they feel anything for the slower speeds. Especially since the '19s are coming and redesigned. They are pretty much washing their hands of the 14- 18 Viberados. Best of luck.
  7. Hey Rhino, what I would check first is to see if you have any wedges in your leaf spring stack. What they would do is reposition your pinion angle to help get rid of the highway vibe, but in turn, cause an acel and decel shudder, along with vibes at the speeds your describing. ( I had it done and happened to me) I didn't drive highway much, so I had them taken back out. I couldn't stand it. Hope this helps.
  8. There are shims in between the leaf springs to change the angle between the drive shaft and rear axle assembly.
  9. My 18 does the same thing. I had a 14 with the highway vibe problem. They shimmed my pinion angle and traded the highway vibe for the accel and decel shudder. Told them to take them out, and it went away. But the highway vibe came back. I looked under my '18 and it seems they come out shimmed. I'm wondering if that what it is.
  10. So traded my '14 double cab. Decided to stick it out with GM and got an '18 Silverado Crew Cab regular bed. So the 153 wheelbase. 5.3 Z71 6 speed 3.42... Well it doesn't vibe much on the highway but a bit of a shudder on acceleration and deceleration. Having played the shim game on my last truck, I rolled my eyes and looked underneath. I guess they are rolling them out with shims in them now. I was perfectly smooth till the 500 mile mark. I don't highway much. Prolly have them taken out. Funny part is, in Maine, when you buy a new Chevy, you get lemon law paperwork with your packet and owners manual. Once it's your fault. Twice it's mine...
  11. So got new tires and back to the ol' balance and road force thing. Destination AT from the Goodforoneyears. Well the light hit just right and saw this. Is this just cord overlap? I've never hit anything, and doesn't look like normal pinch bulge.... Suggestions,? Thanks.
  12. When they bust out the PICO, it's their STFU button. Always in spec. Good luck.
  13. Someone had mentioned previously about tire placement. When they rotated my tires it got worse. So had them out them back. Haven't moved them since till they burn down and have to replace them. 44k on the oe Goodforoneyears. About to replace. Seems to calm a bit more with my tonneau on. Could very well just be a design flaw. Beaming ECT ECT. Bout I've kept this truck for one reason. Tungsten, with in channel smoke rain gaurds, Nfab wheel to wheel Nerf bars (dull black) it's a good looking truck. Specially when she's cleaned up. I've kept women for the same reasons....
  14. lets get this clear for any new guys going right to the end.....they are not going to fix your truck. tire issue...lolol. I asked them from the beginning " do u have any trucks that don't vibrate?" after a perfectly practiced shock face, they picked one.. I told them to switch rims and tires. even offered to pay for labor to eliminate the argument then and there. was done - truck acted the same. mines a '14 and still hearing problems with even the newest ones. don't forget - this is gm - they will let people die before recalling a major issue ( ignition ) so... u think they care about a vibe? - u got 2 choices - live with it - or go directly for a buy back. this has been going on for years.
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