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  1. I don't think it's a home WiFi problem. My 2017 Silverado and iPhone 6s do the same thing and I'm not connecting to WiFi. I have unlimited data so WiFi is not needed/not selected on my phone.
  2. I had trouble getting my rivet gun in there far enough when I installed mine but I was able to put a nut or thick washer between the rivet head and the tool. It barely had enough grip to grab the rivet stud, but it worked enough to get it installed. The washer doesn't stay, in case you wondered.
  3. My son recently got his 18 5.3 muffler deleted. Kept the valves and resonator in place. Sounds good all the time. Reminds me of cruising muscle cars in the 70's and early 80's. Going to do it to my 17 5.3 soon. Can't tell if mine starts when I try to remote start it from in the house. Can hear his just fine.
  4. Is anybody else irritated by the temperature control having to be rotated slowly to change. If I give it a quick twist, it only changes one or two degrees at a time. I’d have to twist it several times to change 10 degrees. I don’t have the patience to turn it one click at a time. Good news is there’s not much to complain about on these trucks.
  5. RTV = Room Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone.
  6. I have speed "humps" in my neighborhood that I can drive over at the speed limit of 25mph in my wife's crossover with no problem. If I try to go over them in my 4x4 silverado at even 20mph, the suspension nearly tops out on the upside, and then nearly hits the front valance on the ground on the downside. Need a bit more dampening.
  7. Sorry I haven't tried since. It was about -20f that day it stuck, but it has warmed up.
  8. i have the BAK MX4 and I love it. Bought it from autoanything.com. Free delivery to lower 48 states.
  9. doubt if my truck will catch fire idling at 30 below zero when I need it to warm up more than 10 min.
  10. Has anyone cracked the code for allowing the remote start to go more than 10 minutes or twice before you have to start with the key? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Today I raised the passenger side rear seat in my crew cab but when I went to let it back down it clunked and stopped a couple inches from the up position. I reached under to see if there were any latches or anything out of place, but found no reason for not lowering. I checked the position of the seat back while I was lowering the bottom but seemed normal. I repeated the process quite a few times before it finally didn't clunk and lowered. Has anyone experienced this?
  12. Never noticed if my 14 Sierra SLE had one, but my 17 Silverado LT doesn't have a light in the glove compartment. Would be nice to have at least in the lower compartment. Is that a feature on the LTZ?
  13. That’s perfect. Thank you. I’ll compare it tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Can someone snap a pic of the plastic cowl/trim below the passenger side of the windshield just above the battery? I had my windshield replaced and now it appears that rain or melted snow runoff will drip onto my battery. I don’t know if it’s missing a piece or something is on wrong. Thank you in advance for your efforts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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