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  1. Cold Air Inductions Intake System

    I really like it. I just need to get another tune from Diablew, my mpg went down about 3-5 since removing the Airaid Jr. kit I had previously. Not a huge concern though, I prefer to have the performance there when I need it!
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  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/122099840272?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I'm selling the following (more pictures in the link above) 2 - Modified OEM Headlights from a 2014 GMC Sierra All Terrain. These headlights have been separated, the chrome was painted black and the LED lenses and turn lenses were tinted. 1 - Passenger Side OEM Headlight from a base model GMC Sierra (No LEDs) 1 - New set of MoriMoto 3Five HID bulbs in 5k temperature 1 - New set of MoriMoto 3Five HID bulbs in 4.3k temperature 1 - New set of Vleds LED Amber Turn Signal Bulbs (full kit) I removed the two OEM Headlights from my 2014 Sierra All Terrain last summer to paint the internal chrome pieces and tint the lenses. Unfortunately my first attempt at separating a set of headlights did not have the results I had hoped for. When disassembling the passenger headlight I cracked the outer lens. I temporarily sealed this with clear silicone from the inside. Please see the pictures in the link for more detail. Overall the headlights came out fairly nice for my first time doing a project like this. They function exactly as they should and would be plug and play. There are no broken tabs, but they are not perfect. I did notice a little fogging in extreme humidity, more so from the passenger side as I did not seal that side as permanently as the driver side (more about that below). The truck in the picture is my actual vehicle and the headlights being sold are the same as the lights installed in the pictures. However, I am too much of a perfectionist and when I had the opportunity to buy a second set of headlights this summer I purchased them and had them professionally modified. I am now selling these to offset some of the cost. In addition to the two modified lights I am including a third headlight (passenger side). My original intent was to remove the lens from this third light and replace the cracked lens with it. That is the reason I did not seal the passenger lens as permanently as the driver side. I also noticed that because of the spray tint on the side marker lenses it was harder to see the turn signals when these lights were installed. For that I purchased a set of Amber LED turn signals from Vleds.com But I bought my replacement headlights before ever getting the chance to install them so they are still new in the packaging. And finally I am including two sets of HID bulbs. One set in 5000 kelvin temperature and another set in 4300 kelvin. These are also brand new in the box. They were included when I purchased my replacement lights, but I have no need for them and am passing them along to the next person. Again, to be clear, these headlights are not cosmetically perfect. They have imperfections, but they work properly as they should. These would be a great option for someone that needs to replace broken lights or isn't as worried about the cosmetic perfection. They would also be great for someone with more experience separating and modifying factory lights. Or they would be a great option as a temporary set for anyone interested in sending out their own lights to be professionally modified but can't afford the down time.
  4. I have a set of the GM 4 inch round tubular running boards for sale for a 2014, 2015 and possibly 2016 GM crew cab. I decided to go a different route with my running boards so I no longer need these. (These are identical to the running boards on my truck in my profile picture, but are new) Retail from GM is $630. Selling for $400, paypal friends and family. Located in Northern VT but willing to travel to meet serious buyers. Also willing to ship on your dime if you'd like.
  5. Selling my take off chrome door handles and mirror caps. Mirror caps do have broken tabs, nothing 3M can't fix. $140 shipped to the lower US. I also have the chrome side molding if anyone is interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 2014 Sierra SLT headlights with HID kit

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  7. Black door handles for sale

    Very interested. Sending PM Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Are your door handles and mirror caps the oem onyx black? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Just got off the phone with Martin from Cold Air Inductions. Very nice guy to talk with, we chit chatted about the truck and modifications for a few minutes. He informed me that the two hoses are under no pressure and there is no need for a connector or fitting. He said if I wanted peace of mind I could put two hose clamps on them which I may do. In regards to where the two hoses connect to the intake piping: I should have mentioned that they came already attached with what looks like some heat tubing over the connection (I will try to take a picture later today), but it is VERY sturdy and I have no worry about these coming loose. In terms of performance I have about 100 miles on the intake now (probably the ONLY benefit of working 75 miles from my house). There is a noticeable difference at WOT. You can really hear the intake breathing in air, where with the Airaid Jr. you couldn't. Another note about the Airaid Jr.; while it was nice retaining the factory airbox and fitment, you are missing out on a lot of air that can be taken in from directly below where the air box sits. With the CAI you allow the intake to breath from the fender, down below and from behind the passenger headlight. I can't really comment on MPG yet as I was having a little too much fun driving the truck . I will comment back when I have some relatively stable numbers to report. Previously with the Airaid Jr. I have seen a high of 22.4 mpg, that's traveling primarily in a 50mph zone with occasional towns along the way. Truck specs and mods below for those who wish to compare. 2014 GMC Sierra 6.2L 3.42 gearing Corsa Cat Back Exhaust System Diablo Intune i1000 with custom tune from Diablew (highly recommend for those on the fence) Rough Country 4.75 combo lift 305/55R20 Toyo Open Country AT2's on 20x10 Moto Metal Rims Low Pro Tonneau Cover (I mention this because it did, without a doubt, help with the mileage)
  10. Thanks! I'll be sure to keep an eye on it!
  11. Random Pictures

    Random Pictures of my 2014 Sierra All Terrain
  12. I received my new Cold Air Inductions intake from Diablew this week and finally had a chance to install it. As this was just recently released I thought I'd post some pictures and my initial opinion. Packaging was excellent and everything you'd expect from a company with their reputation. Plenty of bubble wrap around all the pieces and the plexi-glass still had the protective paper over it that I had to peel off. The kit came complete with instruction booklet that was color (a welcomed change from many companies). Install was very clear and easy to follow. It took me roughly 35-45 minutes to remove the previous intake (Airaid Jr.) and install the new pieces. All parts went together very well and I never felt like I was forcing anything or that something didn't line up correctly. I have no performance input as of yet but will comment back towards the end of the week. There is only one thing I am slightly displeased with. As mentioned, I previously had the Airaid Jr. kit installed while I waited for production of the CAI. The Airaid included new, OEM type, fittings for the two hoses connecting to the manifold. The CAI included no connectors and no clamps. The instructions show to simply slide the hoses on to the connector, no clamp or any other means of holding them on. Maybe they aren't necessary, but for the comparison in costs it would seem to me that if Airaid could provide something the CAI should have as well. In any case, I plan to call tomorrow and speak with them. Maybe they will educate me as to why there is nothing supplied or maybe they will send something. Either way I will report back and let everyone know how that goes. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I'll answer the best I can Here is one of the connectors that was supplied by Airaid
  13. For sale RX catch can

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  14. Wtb 14 15 crew chrome trim

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  15. WTB: 2014/2015 6.2 crew cab stock exhaust

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