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  1. Exact same issue and setup level kit rearend and all except I have the 5.3. My issue came back after a short while. Did yours? Also the shim kit they put in mine are silver almost like a cast something.
  2. Some situations it is the tires but in my case I can guarantee it's the rearend.
  3. Yes my pinion angles were off. They added a "shim kit" to the rear leafs and replaced my driveshaft. Fixed it for about a month or so then the vibe came back with a hum from the rear end when coasting over 40mph and it shakes even worse under hard acceleration or towing after the "shim kit"
  4. I did but figured I would give a forum member the chance to make some coin. Especially with the holidays coming up. If I don't get any bites within the hour or so I'll order one from eBay.
  5. Backed into a dumpster today tail light is trash. Pm me with prices shipped to 74012 please. Must be in mint condition no damage. Paypal locked and loaded.
  6. Everyone please read these articles and email the editors so we can get some attention on our trucks. There is a gentleman named Daryl on the Facebook group that got the ball rolling. It's up to us to get attention on the trucks as well. Again please I'm begging everyone to do this. The SUV already has national attention!!!!! I've even attached each editors email address (couldn't find the one for autoblog still working on it and will update when I get it). Cbs freelance writer email address [email protected] Also if you're not a member of the Facebook group go join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/GMissues/ Contact Stephen Elmer for autoguide http://www.trucktrend.com/news/1512-bad-vibrations-owners-reporting-strange-harmonics-in-gm-fullsize-suvs/#.Vov4DmakiZ8.mailto [email protected] http://www.autoblog.com/2015/12/30/fullsize-gm-suvs-making-owners-sick-report/ http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2015/12/31/gm-vibration-complaints/78119904/ [email protected]
  7. Vibration was 75+ mph and felt like the truck was going to shake apart as soon as it hit 76 mph. Also had a clunk every single time I would let off the gas. Also would clunk anytime going from park to drive or any gear in between. Truck also rode TERRIBLE. I would hit bumps and my little cubby thing in the center of the dash would pop open it rode so bad. I mean rode BAD for a $45k+ Truck.
  8. Ok so I just got my truck back after the 9th repair attempt and my vib is 80% cured. It's night and day from before I dropped it off. I'm noticing all sorts of differences the more I drive it. According to the dealershop my pinion angle was at .3 ( assuming this is degrees?). They installed a leaf spring shim kit part #23469809 and a new driveshaft which corrected my pinion angle to 2.3 (again degrees???). Still have the whine when I let off the gas which is probably the pinion bearing from the angle being off. Vibe has also moved from 75+ to between 40-55 mph. I will say the shim kit for the leaf springs just about got rid of any clunking going on. Going to consult with an attorney to see if we can sue.
  9. Anybody know how hard it would be to make the oem unit work in a truck that wasn't equipped from the factory?
  10. Ok so I talked to my attorney again and he asked me to try one more dealership about 30 min away. Dropped it off yesterday and they called me a couple hours later saying it was the smoothest truck they have driven up to this point and asked me to come back and take them on a drive to point out what I was talking about. I took the service advisor on a test drive this morning and took the truck to 80 and the whole thing started shaking and he immediately said I feel it. Also tried saying that since its at highway speeds they might have to document it and wait for it to get worse but he would talk to his boss and let me know. Also I have a clunk when you let off the gas to coast (so you can hear the whine when off throttle) and then give it gas again there is a clunk. He tells me this is normal with 4x4 trucks. Is this true? Also does anyone has a list of all the recalls out so I can print it out and hand it to him and ask that they all be done? Thanks for everyone's help btw.
  11. Done all that. Have 6 repair orders called and told them I was giving them one final repair attempt. Sent a letter for informal dispute resolution to the address in the back of the warranty book.
  12. This is the Oklahoma lemon law. Very vague. http://www.ok.gov/omvc/documents/Lemon%20Law%20Guide.pdf BBB is the only course of action in Oklahoma besides a lawsuit.
  13. The lemon law in this state is worthless. They make you go through the BBB.
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