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  1. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    I haven't got her yet. I'm waiting on a new job to start in the spring which will allow me to buy a Trail Boss Edition. It's going rate is about 42K. About the cost of a Silverado but I don't need a full size truck. And I want a diesel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    My cheap rig till I get my Colorado Duramax. The 4Runner is gone.
  3. Sold the K2500

    Your wife sounds like mine. I drove my worn out 97 S10 when we got married and when we moved and I got a better job she let me get my 03 Silverado. Then I couldn't afford gas and that's why I have the 4Runner now. I hate my 70mile commute or the Silverado would have stayed. We just picked her up a nice 04 Chrysler 300M so she's happy now too. Good wives are worth the initial investment.
  4. Red Hot Z71 with Modifications

    Your truck looks awesome. Going to be trading in my 4Runner later this year on a Z71 Colorado.
  5. POW/MIA flag now 'racist"

    Yep, I feel like as the years go on American's have become dummer and dummer and way too entitled. Not many are patriots anymore.
  6. POW/MIA flag now 'racist"

    Try to take down my American Flag and we are going to have serious problems. Myself and 8 generations of my family have served beneath that Flag since this countries founding and I don't put up with disrespecting the flag.
  7. What's your job?

    Warehouse manager/setup technician/delivery driver for a printer company.
  8. Toyota 4Runner, went to the dark side.

    Sorry about your 4Runner man.
  9. Toyota 4Runner, went to the dark side.

    Looking good. Going to start my mods soon.
  10. Toyota 4Runner, went to the dark side.

    Looking at your pictures, your has the always on 4WD?
  11. Toyota 4Runner, went to the dark side.

    Looking good. Can't wait to start mods on mine. I miss my truck too though. Miss the command view.
  12. Toyota 4Runner, went to the dark side.

    Once you drive one it's hard not to love it. I noticed the other night that my temp controls and the screen above it are dark. Need to figure out how to replace the bulbs.
  13. What is your evening meal, dinner or supper?

    My dad's side it's supper, mom's side it's dinner.
  14. What is one job you would NEVER do?

    Security. NEVER AGAIN! 2 and a half years as the graveyard supervisor did me in.

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