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  1. no i don't have but project isn't finished yet.......for now i did io4 to io5 radio with android auto, leather steering wheel and i still looking for a denalli cluster at a nice price to finish the project...........but for now everything work as suppose to do .......while i'm looking for cluster i do wiring check and add wires that miss to make cluster working
  2. No it is the same as twisting wires together only but unfortunately a safer way
  3. Yeah white cover on black connector.....it is the junction connector
  4. yellow connector indicate wiring for airbag system black connector is a junction connector to connect somes wires togneter big red wire is aftermarket and it is to connect an amp for audio probably but this one you should know if you bought the truck when was brand new
  5. Small review after 2 week with my upgraded radio and Android auto. .......I love it. Super responsive. Android auto work like a charm...it is like I changed truck but when I get out of vehicule I know it is the same ahahah... Long life to MVI
  6. I did 2 inch levelling in front and it is enough. ...2 and half will be just more tall in front..... My levelling is problem for me when I tow my cargo trailer. ...the rear of my truck drop 2 inch...it is not much but because levelling my truck seem overweight lol....I plan installing air lift system too but still don't know which one choosing...... I have the same problem as you concerning levelling And yes it will work....just need a good setup....don't install cheap things
  7. all is possible......... you don'T have to wire it to bcm ......if you are handy , the seat itself is same bolt pattern.....then you have to add switch and run power and ground to seat..........it is one of my project and will easy to do but of course i won't have memory seat but seat will move in every position it suppose to do tip ?? get a powerseat switch from an older gm car ......one that run heavy current instead signal
  8. i can say exactly the same ...... service is really fast and nice.........i had no impression to be a number but more a V i p customer....... long life to mvi and would appreciate if others company follow their example
  9. i ask it when i ordered my hmi from mvi...... he said he would bring me in contact with his programmer ........are you the one he talked about ??? if yes i yould appreciate if you can pm me about that................i want enhance cluster in my truck to get radio control on steering also because i want full color in cluster instead monochromic one i have now...
  10. Left only the hmi IO5. ...no screen....100$
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