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  1. I got the GM trifold hard cover and really like it. Watertight for the most part as well. It also looks awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Got the ready lift 1.75” front. Fuel 20x9 1 offset. Dealer had 285/60/20 on and it rubbed quite a bit on the inside fender so ended up going back to 275/60/20. I do have mudflats on so lost 1/4” or so of clearance. Looking close where it rubbed you could trim some of the wheel well out to make it work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Not bad, bit of a drone on the highway but I'm told it's a lot louder outside than inside
  4. Just noticed my 2015 sierra clicks/pops when i turn the steering wheel. It is more pronounced at slower speeds, and very evident turning the wheels while stopped. Anyone else have this problem/know what it could be? going to call the dealership tomorrow as well.
  5. I'm running 2" Readylift level with 2" blocks in the back. 275 60 R20 tires with no rubbing at all. Tempted to go 285 60 R20 but I don't think theres room. Not sure if my UCA's are aluminum or not...
  6. I had the 3" (dealership said they were4, i think they were 3) blocks in the back, 2" front and hated it, looked weird. I had the dealership put the 2" blocks in (so .75" higher then stock) with the 2" level in the front. Looks way better, rides better as well. With the 3" blocks the rear shocks were 1.5" from maxed out and it made for some jars over even speed bumps... Here's a side of the bigger blocks... side of smaller another of smaller
  7. It's definitely loud at full throttle. Was driving home from site last week and another crew member behind me told me he could hear me hammer it over his blasting radio.
  8. Installed borla atak on my 5.3 this weekend, as well as airaid intake. Here's how it sounds!
  9. Thanks! Hopefully my neighbours feel the same way haha just the 5.3... Next time I think it'll be a 6.2!
  10. Few updates. Installed the borla atak exhaust and airaid intake. Here's the sound... Here's how it looks! Also got the 4" blocks changed to 2"
  11. Did take a couple... First thing I did was drop the spare tire and move it out of the way, does wonders for space. First step is to remove the clamp from the stock exhaust right behind the cat, I did have a bit of trouble because there's a clip in the top holding it in place, so I ended up taking the bolt completely out so I could open the clamp up as much as possible. Then I pulled out the hangers out of the rubber holders. Then was the hard part. I started to drag the exhaust back and twist, turn, roll it until it got stuck like this. The muffler was stuck between the axle and the body lol. So I jacked the tire up 3" and stuck a jack stand under the front leaf spring mount on the passenger side, this made the suspension droop while keeping the body up and gave me enough room to roll the muffler completely over and slide out the back. Once I finished all that it was easy. Just start at the front and start putting the pieces in. Make sure to lube up the rubber hangers first, and not tighten the clamps until it's all in place. Then my dad gave me a hand squaring up the tips at the back. Helps to have someone hold it while you tighten clamps. I went from the front back. Last note for the dual split side would be the directions don't make it very clear but on the driver rear, you actually mount the hanger using the hitch bolt. Here's a picture of the finished product. Tips ended up about 1.5" behind the flaps. Had to play with positioning at each connection (slide them apart a bit) to line them up. I used a marker just to mark 1" of overlap to ensure I had enough overlap. . Video of some revs.
  12. i didn't take a bunch as I didn't see this until after, but I'll write up a good description on how I did it tomorrow, and snap a couple quick pics underneath for the tricky parts. Did it by myself, with no lift just a jack stand, took some wiggling but I somehow managed to make it go
  13. Ordered the Borla Atak exhaust on boxing day... finally received it so putting it in this weekend. I'll post a vid once I have it up and running. Any tips to make my life easier tomorrow when I start pulling the stock exhaust out? I have jackstands so hopefully those are high enough! Thanks in advance!
  14. I'm in the same boat as you! Hopefully it works out for both of us! I know work has helped me negotiating but I'm sure I could have still done better haha
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