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  1. Cadillac Rear View Camera Mirror

    the 2018 traverse has it on the top 2 models
  2. I still have my Silverado set available never installed. If you are interested.
  3. Thanks I dont know why it was designed that way but at least I know I havent broke the truck at only 176 miles
  4. I just upgraded my 2015 Silverado LT to a 2017 GMC Sierra AT with memory seats. My question for those of u with memory seats do you have to hold the 1 or 2 button until the seat reaches the save position? I have a 15 Acadia Denali and a Lexus ES with this feature and they both are a one press and release and the seat does its thing until it at the set position. But my AT doesnt want the extra attention until it finishes moving the seat
  5. I’ll have a blue in two days stay tuned........
  6. I bought set of these for my Silverado and never got around to installing them. I am picking up a 17 GMC AT on Thursday. if anyone is interested I am letting them go just trying to get my money back out of them.
  7. I just saw a 2014/15 with a 16/17 bumper with the LED fog lights today. I thought you had to replace the lights and grill to do a bumper swap. It still had the LT 2015 lights. It looked pretty sweet. Couldn’t take a picture the light turned green before I could get my phone out.
  8. Aftermarket push button start

    If i added one it would have to look factory and fit where the key is currently. I had a 96 impala that someone installed a push button start on and relocated the key under the dash as a back up if the button failed.
  9. Just got my confirmation can't wait till I get them
  10. I'm thinking of putting a set of these in my front doors. Does anyone know if there are adapters available for 8" speakers in the front doors or know where I can get some made. I currently have some Infinity Kappa 693.11i 6x9s installed
  11. Dual Battery Installation

    It's been a few years since this post started any new kit available I am thinking about adding a second battery for my sound system
  12. You are from the D that's Michigan salt lol
  13. 14-16 Kicker Double Cab SSIEXT14 Subwoofer $400.00

    Still available make offer

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