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  1. I actually think it is something more then just "normal" response to rain and/or snow; until a month ago I never have an issue with them going off in wet weather not they go off if i am stopped at a light no cars in front of me with only a light sprinkle. this has not been an issue on any of the 7-8 other GM vehicles I have owned/leased in the past with parking sensors and i live in Michigan we get plenty of rain and snow.
  2. I had an issue with my rear defrost a week or 2 before the recall was issued; it actually broke my passenger side rear window. The dealer states they wont have the window for another few weeks so I am riding around with no rear defrost (I think) he dealer didn't pull the fuse and a taped up window (trying to keep the glass from completely falling out). The recall states "If the rear window or sliding glass assembly appears damaged due to an occurrence of high electrical resistance on the rear defroster circuit, they should also be replaced. "
  3. Dealer confirmed they have been seeing more of this happening here in the southeastern Michigan area. The they stated the parts need to fix it are on back order.
  4. Man I was sitting in the truck on New Year’s Eve warming it up. Started hearing a sizzle/hissing sound, looked back saw a little smoke from the little box were the slider meets the passenger side window. Turn back to turn the rear defrost off and hear a Big Bang. This is my 17 Sierra AT I am no tech but I only come up with the rear defrost or slider. From the picture u can see the break started from that slider connection.
  5. Update....... So since my last post I have been using 93 from Costco (roughly the same price $2.80-90 per gallon as 87 at other stations) and the Auto Start Stop does seem to less jerky. When I have my music up sometime i don't even notice it. I can definitely feel the difference in my 5.3 and 6.2, the 6.2 moves when you hit the petal and doesn't have the 5.3 "stutter step". Before there was a difference but it wasn't enough or me to justify the additional $$. I have a lot of sit and wait time in the truck so I can not tell if the fuel economy improve. btw..... GM please bring back the upper door storage pockets and add wireless CarPlay thank you
  6. I am another one that never even thought about using a different fuel I have always used 87 my 17 AT 5.3, and for the first month of having my 19 Denali 6.2 I've been using the same thing.. I started reading this and ran out to look at the fuel door to see if it was true (It is). My question, I (think) understand the knock sensor will cause the performance to suffer under lower octane, but will it also effect the cylinder deactivation feature? Does anyone know where you can see how many cylinders you are running on my 2017 show v8 and v4 on the instrument cluster screen I can't find this on my 2019? btw..... GM please bring back the upper door storage pockets and add wireless CarPlay thank you
  7. I think the Rams interior is nice and I am a tech guy, but they say nothing ages a vehicle faster than tech that's when Bentley allows the screen to be hidden. in 5 years when there is a totally different look and feel to the in car screens that 12 inch screen will be nothing but an eye sore to look at. If it breaks out of warranty there is no after market head unit that you can replace it with. (and we all know Chryslers quality concerns). I just want my upper door storage and my sunglass holder back (maybe a little bigger). I always wonder why the glove boxes are so shallow especially the top one even an extra inch or two would make a world of difference. 2021 please add wireless Carplay so i can truly be cord-free I would program the rearview mirror camera to be switchable from the third brake light to the tailgate if you have s tall load in the back that blocks your window it will also block your camera so you still don't have a view behind you. I like the buttons and knob in my GMC just wish they went with maybe a 9" screen and got rid of all the black plastic. I love the in rear seat storage, THANK YOU FOR THE REAR VENT I wish that they would have offered build in bed storage for my tie downs i would even be happy with the old school bed side compartment. Just my 2 cents
  8. All I’ve been asking GM for is wireless CarPlay so I can use my wireless charger and Apple Music at the same time. Probably never going to happen now
  9. I still have my Silverado set available never installed. If you are interested.
  10. Thanks I dont know why it was designed that way but at least I know I havent broke the truck at only 176 miles
  11. I just upgraded my 2015 Silverado LT to a 2017 GMC Sierra AT with memory seats. My question for those of u with memory seats do you have to hold the 1 or 2 button until the seat reaches the save position? I have a 15 Acadia Denali and a Lexus ES with this feature and they both are a one press and release and the seat does its thing until it at the set position. But my AT doesnt want the extra attention until it finishes moving the seat
  12. I’ll have a blue in two days stay tuned........
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