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  1. As well, dealer quote to repair the leak was approximately $460. I blew it off until a few weeks ago as the line was begining to leak quite a bit. I searched YouTube & found a repair that was pretty easy to follow. I did not cut off the original flares. All I did was cut the rubber tubing and cut off the MFG crimps. I was able to push the new tube over the radiator side flare and use 2 hose clamps. On the tranny side of the tube, I was unable to get the tube over the MFG flare but still used 2 hose clamps. So far, I do not have any leaks. Total cost of the repair was about $25 and about 1/2 day, mainly because I had to walk to AutoZone about a mile away to get a quart of tranny fluid I forgot to purchase prior to performing the repair and I take my time. For me the hardest part was disconnecting and reconnecting the tubing from the radiator. Other than that, not too bad. The OEM crimps are known to leak and if the dealership repairs them, they'll use the same crimped on tube and it will eventually leak, again. This repair solves that. Good luck.
  2. Just an FYI, there was another bulliten issued in December of 2011 concerning this noise issue. It was applied to my truck, a GMC 2010 CC, a couple weeks ago and I am happy to report that there is no longer ANY road noise coming from the rear of my cab. If I am not mistaken, there's a new pad installed along with some insulating foam that was applied. Sorry I do not have more details. Just happy the noise is gone........
  3. For less that $20, you can get a lock by McGard as another option. http://mcgard.com/Applications/AutomotiveS...FlSkQRFXQ%3d%3d I thought I've seen another post that had a differnt brand that also bolted to the tailgate on another post.....?
  4. karlitos

    2004 GMC Sierra

    Some picutres of my truck after an 18 wheeler decided to make a right hand turn from the left hand lane.....
  5. karlitos

    2004 GMC Sierra

    Pictures of my truck after an 18 wheeler turned into it..... Luckily, I wasn't hurt at all..... But, the truck, not so good...... :(
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