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  1. I've got a bottom number in mind, but you never show all your cards at the get go.
  2. I won basically a $45k credit for any GM vehicle in a contest. The truck I built has MSRP of ~$47k, I paid the additional $2k + taxes on delivery.
  3. Putting up my 2015 Sierra up for sale because I will be moving to downtown Philadelphia soon and need something smaller to zip around the city, and older so I'm not a target for thieves. History: Won/Purchased in March 2015, Brown Automotive Del Rio, TX. Since then I have put 10,000 miles on it, nothing wrong drives great. Price $41,000. Currently I am in Altus, OK, but within the next week or so I will be moving to Philadelphia with a stopover in Charlotte, NC, my hometown. So it would not be a problem to sell it anywhere along I-40 or so as I make my journey. Best way to contact is email: <script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> image by gcarterrogers, on Flickr IMG_1315 by gcarterrogers, on Flickr Mods: Truxedo Soft tonneau cover 35% Front Window Tint SunTek Paint protection on the front IMG_1316 by gcarterrogers, on Flickr IMG_1318 by gcarterrogers, on Flickr IMG_1319 by gcarterrogers, on Flickr IMG_1321 by gcarterrogers, on Flickr IMG_1323 by gcarterrogers, on Flickr IMG_1325 by gcarterrogers, on Flickr IMG_1327 by gcarterrogers, on Flickr
  4. I don't use the USB ports in the truck to charge, I feel like they don't put out.
  5. Nope not parallax. It is definitely 1 mph or so low in slow speeds. On my drive to work I get up to like 30 mph.
  6. I've noticed recently that my speedo needle reads like 2-3 mph less than my DIC, what gives? Is this an isolated issue, or is it everyone?
  7. While this may be true, I always use Spotify and my iPhone on bluetooth. I just select the playlist with my phone, it starts playing and then I can skip tracks with the mylink/intellilink controls no problem. The meta data is displayed on the screen too.
  8. Update: Called again on Friday, basically the selling dealer shrugged responsibility because it was a courtesy delivery ordered by my contacts at GM because of the prize. So now I was forced to FAX, not email over my build sheet and window sticker. The fact that GM cannot accept an email PDF boggles my mind to no end. Currently on the phone to see if that fax was received since I was not called upon receipt of the fax like I instructed on my cover sheet.
  9. The build sheet is attached. Fleet service is definitely not in there, plus if it were would the window sticker not also reflect that, as the factory prints the sticker, not the dealer or anyone else? That's cool and all, and I do my own oil changes on my other cars, but if the first 4 are free and don't require me to get dirty, why not? Who knows I may not keep this truck past a year? I won it and I may sell it to pay down debt after I finish moving. gary rogers (1).pdf gary rogers (1).pdf gary rogers (1).pdf gary rogers (1).pdf
  10. I could care less about what they call the free oil changes and tire rotations because I didn't even get that. At the end of the call Bianca finally admitted that I SHOULD have that warranty code and now they are trying to fix that.
  11. Little backstory, Won my truck through a joint US Air Force Clubs and GM giveaway. Ended up getting my truck from the local dealer in Del Rio, TX. Was treated as a $45k credit so I ordered my truck as I wanted and it went through as any other purchase. Fast forward 3 months, I am now in Altus, OK and my DIC showed less than 10% on the oil life. Salesman in Del Rio told me that first 2 yrs oil changes are free, just go to any GM dealer. So I head into Wilmes Chevy in Altus, OK and ask for an oil change. When I scheduled the appointment I mentioned the 2 yrs service. Once they were done they footed me a bill for $52. I answered back that it should be covered, the service guy showed me the printout of warranty stuff for my truck and it did not include this code somehow. So I decided to pay up and call the purchasing dealer to confirm. My salesman confirmed that this is standard on all GMC vehicles and I also confirmed this with my window sticker that has that as the FIRST line under standard equipment. This is also further backed up with GMC's website, and their list of participating dealers includes Brown Automotive in Del Rio, TX and Wilmes Chevrolet in Altus, OK. At this point I called GMC warranty dept which the number I found in the warranty book. That number is 1-800-462-8782. I told my story to the rep who decided to escalate it further to her supervisor Leslie who became very defensive with me when I asserted that this is a standard warranty and requires no further payment or action on my part. That was 2 days ago, currently I am on the phone with Bianca who seems to be over Leslie and she is much more understanding. But seriously, what gives? And has anyone else had a similar experience.
  12. 40 GB is chump change. Those 18k songs takes up 140 GB
  13. But if the fuel cost 20-30% less than regular gas, and you get 20-30% less MPG then the cost savings is a moot point, but you are seeing the benefit of the power addition.
  14. Oh this is comforting... I guess. I just thought my iPod was old and not connecting properly. For reference I have 18k songs on mine.
  15. Yes. But don't bother with the 91 if you have a 5.3.
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