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  1. Elite Engineering Catch Can $75+ ship

  2. Elite Engineering Catch Can $75+ ship

    I had a 2007 before my 17. This fits a 14-18 5.3 and it is the standard
  3. Elite Engineering Catch Can $75+ ship

    TTT. will do $80 shipped to the lower 48.
  4. CIPA 14-18 Sierra and Silverado 1500 Towing Mirrors

  5. CIPA 14-18 Sierra and Silverado 1500 Towing Mirrors

    Yes, comes with everything. The felt is already in place where it belongs.
  6. These are CIPA 10950 towing mirrors for both sides of a 14 -18 1500 Silverado or Sierra. I only towed with them once and then decided to upgrade to a 3/4 ton pickup. These work really well. $25 plus shipping.
  7. Elite Engineering Catch Can $75+ ship

    Hey Y'all, I sold my 5.3 Sierra and got a F-250 Diesel. My wife's Tahoe already has a catch can, so I don't need this one. It will come in the original box with replacement o-ring and original paperwork. I will also include a longer bolt and washer for mounting at the washer fluid bottle. The hoses are are cut and ready to follow the upper radiator hose to the washer bottle on the 5.3 in a Silverado or Sierra. I am not sure if the hoses will be long enough for a 6.2 so a 6.2 may need new hoses. $75 plus shipping.
  8. Drop the claim and make it a 0$ payout. You'll thank me later. Also, you can get bumpers on eBay that are new takeoffs with brackets and all the plastic on them for around 3-400. Someone hit an ran my truck last week and I have been through all this with my bumper already. However, my bumper is painted. It takes about an hour to swap the bumpers.
  9. Ford Front end, Tundra Center section and Dodge rear. No thanks. Would be nice if the GM designers could come up with something of their own. On top of that, my wife's 17 Tahoe is mostly aluminum. Rocks ding the crap out of the hood, not just paint chips like the steel hoods, a full on dent from what would have been a ding on a steel hood. No thanks.
  10. http://newsroom.aaa.com/2013/06/what-is-the-difference-between-summer-and-winter-blend-gasoline/
  11. Welcome to Winter gas. Your MPG will be down until the blend changes for summer.
  12. 2018 All Terrain x sport bar

    It means it was part of the deal. They removed it for free and rewired my rear cab light to work with it removed.
  13. 2018 All Terrain x sport bar

    Good luck on the sale. I took mine off as part of the WE OWE at the dealer. It took me a month to sell it at far less than I ever thought it would go for.
  14. Vent visors

    I have the EGR matte black in-channel visors and have 0 problems with express up. Follow the directions to a tee, and you will not have any issues.
  15. GMC vs Chevy

    Mine has blue lights......

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