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  1. we use fishing line and a air eraser wheel on the trucks we do
  2. well the dealer can not legally install without wiring the 3rd brake light...that is a federal offense
  3. wrapping bumpers is a pain, we have done many, they must be disassembled to do correctly and not a easy job, but do look great when its done(if they know how to do them) also wrapping id FAR better than paint as painted one without clear paint protection will get killed by rock chips if driven on the highway much...
  4. I have a17 2500HD with Z71, been trying to find a grille for it, 90% say not for Z71/high country. Anybody know what the difference is ? any leads on a grille, really looking for a mesh style or billet, thanks Rob
  5. country overrun with complete idiots now days...selling stuff can be a real pain
  6. We race a boosted car on E85, greatest thing since sliced bread, but on a stock non boosted vehicle totally worthless...
  7. I wish they would do ROUND wheel wells...square now hex ???really
  8. dont see why a co would make something that is far behind others already on the market, I have had two foldacovers and being able to open the front and have a perfect tool box/storage area right there is priceless
  9. if they do aluminum will be a huge clusterfuk, they have not been able to stop the corrosion creeping under the paint from disalike materials, ford did not get this fixed before they jumped on the whole truck deal, and it will be a huge issue, and already has been at body shops, they have to have a clean room technology(in a body shop, yea right) to repair these things. I work with many shops and you will not believe how bad they hold up to even minor hits. we have new body style mustangs in our shop with corrosion all up the hood, the tail gates on the expedition/navagator same issues.
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