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  1. that's what I'm saying. I think at turn, your end to end is going to be very close to mine, and mine doesn't rub with the King's preload at 3/4" (2.75" coilover lift + 1.5" body lift). The only thing I don't know for certain is the wider tire rubbing on the control arm at full lock, but when test fitting I had what looked like over 1" of room at full lock to the control arm with a 10.8" wide tire. To address the differences from one to another, I had read that stock wheels with 285/75/18's fit perfectly without any rub at 3.5" lift, and saw a couple on the custom wheel offsets gallery this way. I found that to be incorrect. I did a bit of trimming to the liner and zip tied it back, still had slight rub at turn in reverse.
  2. I have 3.5" of lift (2" level from the king coilovers and 1.5" body lift), and have not tried your exact size but I put 285/75/18's on my stock wheels and I have slight rub from the outside diameter when turned in reverse. I have plenty of room to the control arms at full lock with the tire width. Now with a wider but smaller diameter tire, I think it will be really close to the same as what I'm running for diameter fitment in the wheel wells. With just a bit more lift this would easily work without rub, and I'm turning my preload down on my kings 1/2" to do it. my size is first, yours is second Diameter inches (mm) 34.83 (884.7) 34.26 (870.2) -0.57 (-14.5) -1.6% Width inches (mm) 11.22 (285) 11.61 (295) 0.39 (10) 3.5% Circum. inches (mm) 109.42 (2779.37) 107.63 (2733.81) -1.79 (-45.55) -1.6% Sidewall Height inches (mm) 8.42 (213.75) 8.13 (206.5) -0.29 (-7.25) -3.4% Revolutions per mile (km) 579.03 (359.79) 588.68 (365.79) 9.65 (6) 1.7%
  3. I forgot to say that miss I thought I was feeling was gone with the new tune I got. Still have to get a follow up on it but having problems getting a wideband to read into hptuners.
  4. My experience with the maggie tune compared to what you're seeing. I had what I thought was a miss at high rpm, right before the shift point. I think it was the tune, not the gas. My only options are15% ethanol and non-ethanol 91. I had to hammer it to get it to open up. I don't know if this is because of the bypass valveing or not. My follow up tune has kind of the same feel but much less, feels like it kicks in sooner. I don't have to hit the pedal hard, let off, then hit it again though. Just once, the valve opens up and it takes off. The shifting was garbage with the maggie tune. That seemed to be the most noticeable change. I'm pretty happy with mine, even with the magnuson tune. The additional hp was definitely noticeable right away. After getting a good tune, it's fantastic and I have to be careful not to spin the tires. Things I did before getting my follow up tune: Long tube Kooks w/catback y pipe Carven catback Pulley'd down to a 81mm from 87mm to get the boost back up It's a beast now. I'd investigate that bypass valve setup first, then the tune. Don't give up, it's worth it when it's working as designed.
  5. Do you know the part number? I have had my truck in every winter since I bought it in 2015 for this issue and nothing can ever be done because it's not occuring in person for them to read a code. I tried to read a code in hptuners but haven't been able to capture it in time since it either doesn't store or clears after it leaves the screen. it occurs only when it's cold out, and I'm going to start taking apart the trailer system starting at the very back.
  6. Friday I got the kooks headers with catted y pipe on my 2015 with a tvs1900, running the magnuson tune. No codes, I was surprised. I know the tune doesn’t have the bank 2 sensors turned off, I pulled it in hptuners and double checked.
  7. I'm hunting down non ethanol fuel before pat tunes it simply because of this note in the magnuson book that came with the blower, and thought it was likely the cause of the tune feeling like garbage and the possible misfire. Glad to confirm it's not going to be a constant search with proper tuning. Are you going to be moving to Coeur D'Alene since that's where you list your recurring tuning meets? This supercharger system requires the use of only premium gasoline fuel,. 91 octane or better. It is NOT compatible with E85, Ethanol, or Flex fuels.
  8. Great info, thanks for that. It might not have been missing, just misdiagnosed in my head as it shifted at full throttle. It is gone, either with the computer learning shifts or resolving itself with the half tank addition of non ethanol 91, found a place to get it close so that's what I'm putting in. I am having pat guerra tune it, I already have hptuners for use on my grand wagoneer with a l76 6.0 swap. Was waiting on getting my exhaust figured out, just going to go ahead and have him send an initial tune then work up the exhaust with a wideband for a follow up. The magnuson is superquiet, I'm shocked at how quiet it is. Had to get my studded winters removed because I'm spinning everywhere for funs.
  9. Got the blower on and their tune loaded. Transmission feels pretty bad, had a lew tune on the truck when it was NA so the shifting might be close to stock but unsure. Feel what might be a miss at high rpm too when it's stomped on. My mpg in the first 110 miles went to under 13 all highway. The next 110 that went up to 17.5 all highway. I had close to a full tank 10% ethanol oxygenated 91 gas in it initially, refilled after 100 at a bit over a half tank with 91 no ethanol non oxygenated. Driving habits were the same both ways, stomped on it to pass but that was it. 75mph avg. Not sure if it's the maggie tune, gas, computer relearning, or all of them causing such a weird variance in the mpg. Waiting on the retune to get to me then going to see how it feels. Definitely feel the additional power there and it would be worth the upgrade as is.
  10. Good discussion. Decided today I'm loading up the maggie tune first and seeing where that's at. Got headers and a wideband waiting to throw on, and pat g on tap to tune. The guy above is right, I used to rock crawl and the constant fix chasing with mods is something I really want to avoid. No cam, no smaller pulley, hopefully no fueling issues. Going to have to watch the transmission.
  11. Yeah definitely don’t need headers, and not 100 percent positive that they have as much benefit to a fi system as a na system. But if I’m going to blow a Maggie warranty with tuning I was thinking they might as well go on but maybe not? Did Matt of gp tuning do his own tune? Sure he did but asking.
  12. I'm adding a tvs1900 to my stock 2015 silverado 5.3 (already ordered). To keep the magnuson warranty, I use their tune on the stock engine. Alternatively, I was going to have it either dyno or remote tuned (local options are slim) and add headers. Am I missing out on a significant amount of hp by using the maggie tune and no headers? Significant amount to me is over 10% increase in hp. I suspect the maggie tune is pretty good, but if someone has feedback from using it I'd love to hear it.
  13. thanks for the info. Is this dyno the results of removing all torque management? http://www.hotrod.com/news/the-future-of-hot-rodding-courtesy-of-hp-tuners-and-chevrolet/
  14. Mine will not. The only option they offered was re flash with an optional tire size that gm already has a program with it hard coded. I asked about making the singular change using my hp tuners software and got the you don't want to invalidate your warranty comment.
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