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  1. Anyone have the 6in bds lift kit with fox coil overs? How's that ride? I have the standard 6in kit bds offers with fox shocks in the rear and I feel as if the ride is better than stock. I just want to know if it's worth the money upgrading to the fox coil overs?
  2. Well I just got my truck lifted and I was not used to the width of the new tires. I accidentally scuffed up the sidewall a bit. The entire sidewall is faded brown (probably dirt) but where I scraped it that area is black. It's more of discoloration but it's noticable . I bought some armor all extreme wheel and tire cleaner, and some armor all extreme tire shine. Will this combination fix the discoloration? Or overtime will the scraped area fade like the rest of the tire and disappear.As always all replies are greatly appreciated.
  3. Sorry everyone I've been away for awhile. My dealership said they are going to re coat the frame free of cost. They said they have to order the kit that comes from gm. They said they will call me back in two weeks and it has been two weeks. How does it usually take for gm to ship parts and stuff to the dealer
  4. My truck is a 2014 Sierra 1500 and currently has 20k miles on it. I didn't know there was a tsb for frame rust until now. The coating on the frame is peeling and coming off in pieces and there is a lot of rust showing . Is it too late to get it fixed and recoated by the dealer? Also I have a 6 in lift kit on it, will that add to the price of getting it fixed? As always all replies are greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. That's from me doing it once forward and reverse
  6. Got bigger tires on my 2014 Sierra z71and I'm wondering if my g80 locker is working. I only lightly tapped the grass since its my yard. I only pressed it until it felt like it hooked
  7. I got the truck used and I don't know if I have a tint on the windshield it is very hard to tell. Also can someone tell me what percent my side windows are at? As always all replies are greatly appreciated
  8. Finally got my truck waxed and tires shined
  9. Driving my truck everyday and using my truck for work I some how put light scratches on the taillights from going in and out of the back of the truck very often. I was wondering if there was any way to possibly fix this without replacing the whole unit. The scratches are very light but noticeable. Is there any polishing or buffing compound that could work? As always all replies are greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello everyone! I recently just put on a 6 in bds kit and 35 in tires. I was just wondering what everyone's average transmission temperature is after their lift and tires. I have a 5.3 and 3.42 gears and I'm averaging around 190 degrees- 196 degrees in 90 degree weather. I'm just curious and as always all replies are greatly appreciated!
  11. Sorry I have been a little busy lately the offset is +20
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