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  3. I pull a 19' Ski boat that with trailer included obviously weighs in very close to 3,000lbs. I upgraded all 4 rotors to EBC slotted with yellowstuff pads. Im happy with them. They are factory size so fitment isnt a problem and EBC sells a rotor pad kit specificly for towing. I upgraded for performance preference. Just search ebcbrakes.com or search and buy from summitracing.com
  4. Service 4WD

    My truck had the same problem and i fixed it myself. Sounds even more like your situation is the same i delt with. I replaced the push button swith and also for the GROUNDING!!! Just under the driver door on frame rail there are 2 grounds. Take them off clean the undercoating off the frame, bolt, and the ground wire completely 100% then put both back in tighten down and paint over to prevent rust. This solved my 4x4 light about 6k miles ago and a 5 hour trip to the lake no light no problem.

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