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    99 Silverado RCSB, 2000 Corvette Coupe, 2004 Z06
  1. 99 Silverado RCSB. Replaced the drivers side power window/lock switch. Anyone know the procedure for a reset on the express down feature? TIA, Ron
  2. Vanity Plates

    Not on the truck, yet. Got these on the Vettes. On the Z06 this on the Coupe
  3. In all honesty, How does your wife react when..

    With 2 Corvettes and the truck, she doesn't even ask when boxes show up. She is actually encouraging me to order a Roll-N-Lock for the truck.
  4. Your History of Automobiles

    No pics, basic order, many overlapped: 66 Mustang 70 Camaro Z28 73 Corvette 67 Firebird 73 Corvette 77 Corvette 73 Corvette 73 Corvette 78 Cutlass 80 Toyota SR5 pick up 79 Corvette 73 Corvette 88 Cutlass Calais International 82 Mazda GLC Sport 85 Corvette 86 Mazda 323 92 Maxima 86 Nissan Quest 92 Mercury Villager 96 Z28 2000 Camaro SS 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee 06 Honda Odyssey 2000 Corvette - current 2008 Acura MDX - current 2004 Z06 Commemorative - current 96 Corvette LT4 99 Silverado RCSB - current And always shopping ...
  5. BBQ & Good Eats Nashville-Memphis-New Orleans

    Edleys BBQ in Nashville is awesome!
  6. Took the Z06 for alignment.
  7. This past weekend I did rotors and pads (DBA T2 Streets with Hawk HPS5.0 pads) on the Z06 and finally lowered it down on the stock bolts. Also cleaned up the fender wells and suspension. Cleaned and polished up the wheels while they were off.
  8. I changed out my console for one with Homelink. While the console was out, I hard wired my V1. There was a harness plug to the passenger side of the overhead, near the windshield. It had keyed power to it. The harness had nothing plugged into it.
  9. Aftermarket deck install

    You need to contact XM, either online or by phone and have them send your subscription to the new unit. The XM box that you installed should have the number on the unit and in the paperwork.
  10. Why did you buy your truck?

    My wife keeps asking me that same question. My standard answer is "in case I need one". Have not towed anything yet, but I did haul a 1 x 6 a few weekends ago. I split daily driving between the truck and the 00 Vette, depending on my mood.
  11. The only time I have had those kind of issues is when the humidity is very high, which happens here in central FL. Hard to imagine that in CT, but?
  12. You are putting it on too thick then. You should use a dab the size of a dime for half the hood. A very light haze is perfect. My C5 Coupe has at least 150 coats applied, at least 60 on my Z06, probably another 60 on the wife's MDX, only 3 on the truck so far and I have never had an issue unless I was using too much. You need to forget what you do with other products. Hope this helps.
  13. I was offered the use of my friends lift.
  14. I will never, ever use a pressure cleaner on my cars. Any contaminants on the paint will cause the result about the same as using a sandblaster. The affects are heightened or lessened with how much PSI your machine puts out. If you use the pressure cleaner, use as little pressure as needed to remove the paint. If it were my truck, I would use the clay bar to remove as much as you can. If it does not completely remove it, soak a soft cloth in mineral spirits and see if that will remove the rest. After removing the paint I highly recommend a cleanup of the area with a good paint cleaner and then polish with a orbital buffer and a good coat of wax/polish/sealer of your preference.

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