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  1. I ended up dipping mine a couple years ago. It's been through two Maine winters and two construction seasons on job sites, still holding on great. I can't remember how many coats I did but i believe it was 4 or 5. I changed out my tires last summer and was concerned about the dip being peeled off. When I took it in I didn't say anything about protecting the dip because I was curious what would happen. (and if it got messed up its VERY easy to do again) To my surprise the dip didn't get messed up at all, I don't know what they used for protection, I just know it held up and looks great.
  2. 275/70r18 out of the tires you mentioned, bfg ko2
  3. I charge my laptop and all of my surveying equipment with mine. I love it and find it extremely useful as all my old trucks I've had to install inverters. I realize though I use mine for work and it's a very specific use. Wish it would power saws or vacuums though...
  4. The way I see it, most often those trucks that have low miles and high hours are the ones that have had rougher lives. I.E. less highway, more offroad, more sitting idling on "jobsites" and simlar.
  5. So here's the deal, I recently got a magnum rack with a low profile tonneau cover. I have always had a crossover box in the past. My current issue is I need to have a tonneau but would also like to have a box in the bed I can slide my shovels and bars under, yet still have something heavy duty for my chains and other tools. I do heavy civil earthwork and this truck is my rolling tool box. I know carpenters and usually building trades usually use Knaack, Jobox, and other brand site job boxes. I've done a little bit of research and am leaning towards a Knaack 18.5" tall box because you can fit things under and also i could use a loader with forks to removed it from the bed. Does anyone here have any experience with lower height (<20", to fit under tonneau) jobsite boxes or tool boxes. Any input or advice would be welcomed. I will post a photo of the set-up when I get a chance later.
  6. Nice looking set up. It's nice to see a fellow Mainah on these boards. Love my Magnum Rack did you end up mounting your light with the magnum mounts? What else is that controller running? Also, nice plow set up too. I'm trying to justify one for my half ton, this photo is pushing me towards outfitting it.
  7. Front I just Painted the red in the emblem. Plan is to color match the grill surround and bumpers this summer and do and inverse of the tailgate for the front. Black GMC lettering, white outline and the 3 chrome rectangles in the grill I'm going to do white as well. Thats the plan unless I get an LED grill from Rough Country or one of the other brand names. Here's a photo of how it currently sits, nothing exciting really... Also, I agree light coats making one thick coat then removing the excess while its still relatively fresh is the way to go.
  8. I've used PlastiDip on my emblems on the front and rear. I used white paint on the inside (red part) of my GMC logo and then used black dip on the chrome pieces. Held up for over a year now and I think it looks good. As soon as it warms up I'll be doing the Z71 logos on the fender and the Sierra on the door.
  9. Great deal, wish I was closer too. How often do you make it to Maine.
  10. I haven't decided. Unfortunately finances are going to be going in a different direction for the next year or so. Saving pennies to pay for my wedding.
  11. Looks good! I'm still debating on a set of 1.25" ones for my truck or aftermarket rims, I kind of like how the stockers look poking out of the truck a little
  12. I've installed HIDs in the headlights and LEDs in the fogs in my 15. Both are in the 5000k temperature range. I'm very happy with the output from them.
  13. I have roughly 2.5-3" of lift with 275/70-18's. My seat is getting pretty worn at around 60k miles. It actually this month has finally worn through on the same spot that RaginCajun has described. I am 6' 1", I do however work for a construction company and use my truck on site quite frequently. I'm in and out of it probably 30-40 times a day or more so its used quite a bit on site. I just put steps on it after Christmas and my girlfriend and other co workers who drive it have said it makes a world of difference. I don't have any pics right now but if I remember later I'll try and take some.
  14. I prefer the square lines of my '15 but with that being said, I'm on the camp that wishes the square wheel wells didn't make it so difficult to stuff larger wheels in there.
  15. I think this is what I'm going to run next, I currently have 275/70r18 with 2.5" Level/lift and an AAL. I get aboud 15-17mpg in summer (I work the truck hard though), and have no rubbing issues. As AdamJ said, just do some investigation on where it does rub and you should be able to zip tie the liners back. I'm curious if you do trim or anything post some pics up. I'd be interested to see how they look at full lock.
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