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  1. I agree. Plus this isn't a tune and cant be detected, so your warranty stays intact. It doesn't add horsepower but you feel your truck accelerate faster.
  2. I have a truxedo lo pro qt off 2014 short bed 1500 used for 4 months. No rips No tears $300 https://www.truxedo.com/p-36211-truxedo-lo-pro.html
  3. I had a Sprint Booster on my 2014 1500 5.3 bought a Ford 3 months ago and forgot I had this. I bought another one for the Ford. This takes all the lag from when you step on the pedal to when the truck takes off. You will fell a difference. plugs in to the pedal in minutes $175 shipped.
  4. Its black not satin. It does not have the pro check valve. I can ship tomorrow.
  5. I can ship it tomorrow. How much more do want to bet me up on the price? Paypal is going to get $10. Its going to cost me $20 to ship it. That leaves me under $300. I paid $423 two months ago and I havent even unwrapped it.
  6. Its the one for the stock intake. I am not sure if its satin or black. Do you want me to open it and take pics?
  7. $325 shipped Thats $100 off and its still in the wrapper. BRAND NEW
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