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  1. Wood grain...

    Do you have a link to the ebay listing you purchased, or pictures of it installed in your truck. I'm basically looking for something darker than the light woodgrain trim in my truck and I'm curious what yours looks like.
  2. Wood grain...

    I wish I had seen this when it was for sale. I would like to buy the dark denali wood trim for the front and rear doors. If anyone else is selling, let me know.
  3. Very nice.
  4. I'd like to have the ones in the press shots, but I'd hate to pay full price from GM. I'm already seeing like new T1 take-off wheels for sale at reasonable prices, but I doubt I'll find a set of those. I have yet to see them on any of the new trucks on the lots.
  5. I haven't seen anyone mount them on a K2 yet, and can only find a few pictures of them on the new trucks. Just a few promotional images that GM released during the last SEMA show.
  6. I'm considering the same, wanting to put that new accessory wheel on a 2016 white Sierra All-Terrain. I'm a fan of the 17" Colorado ZR2 wheels, so those 18" ZR2 look-a-like accessory wheels have my attention.
  7. Oil Fill Tube

    Has anyone found the part number for the 2019 oil filler tube?
  8. I'm looking for a set of these lights. If anyone runs across an extra set that is reasonably priced, shoot me a pm. Thanks.

    Thanks for the summary. In our suburban I experience what I would describe as a pressure on your ears, similar sensation to changing altitude in a plane but this is constant, causing ear fatigue. Is that what you are calling buffeting, or is that something different?

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