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  1. Still haven't figured this out. My problems are so random - when the headlights are in the auto position, and I put the truck in drive or reverse, they start freaking out flickering like crazy until i turn the headlight knob into the "on" position, and then they work fine. other times, neither will come on and work at all. i called TRS and whoever I got on the customer support side wasn't having a good day. I asked them if the anti-flicker capacitors "go out" frequently and they told me no, and I needed to test it with a multimeter. Well, i dont think i should have to go out and buy a tool to test an item i purchased from them. The guy just kept telling me that i have to test it and nothing else will be done until I do that. not too helpful to me to be honest....not really sure what to try now, but it makes me not even want to drive the truck. I've moved my ground twice now, so i dont think that's the issue, but who knows. I don't have it ground to the negative battery terminal anymore because I have 3 or 4 other things stacked up on it for my light bar, side steps, stereo, etc.....
  2. hey guys, i have a 2015 GMC Sierra SLE. I purchased the Morimoto Elite 35w HID kit, with the HD Relay and the Anti-Flicker Capacitor Link from retrofitsource back on 10/6/2016. The things have been perfect ever since installing them, until about a week ago. When I got in the truck to head to work, I noticed the headlights didn't turn on like normal. I tried to flip the switch on and off, and got nothing at all. I turned off the truck, got out, closed the door, waited about 5 minutes, then tried to start it again. The lights came on just fine, no issues. Yesterday, I got in the truck to head to a family gathering, and they wouldn't turn on again. I did the same routine, but this time, nothing. i can't get anything at all to come on. I spent about an hour going through my connections to make sure a wire didn't come lose anywhere, and everything seems to be fine. I checked all inline fuses, and all fuses in the fuse boxes, and none were blown. I can't really swap ballasts and bulbs from driver to passenger side since neither is working. Any ideas on what i can try next? i would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks, Captain
  3. So i literally just did this/dealt with it. The easiest way is to tap into your rear door speakers to get your new front door signals...if that makes sense? The chime is tied to the front door speakers.....so my wiring goes like this: Factory wiring for rear door + & - --> new wire to my line output converter (LC6i) --> RCAs to my aftermarket amp --> new speaker wire from my aftermarket amp all the way to the front doors into my Hertz Audio component speakers. Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I can try to explain it in more detail, but this was the only way I was able to keep from amplifying the front door speaker chimes. i didn't have to tap into anything at all behind the dash.
  4. Engine Tick - 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3

    I have this too, it sounds like a valve tick from my old LS1 days -- It's pretty loud. i can mainly hear it at idle -- when I stop to get the mail and i get out of the truck every day, it's louder than my Borla XR1 muffler w/ deleted resonator......yet it doesn't throw any codes, and the dealership told me its the injectors, and it's "normal" in these engines.....i've had people walk up asking what's wrong with the truck...so that's fun.
  5. 2015 GMC Sierra

    Build Log on my 2015 GMC Sierra SLE
  6. This is the one I went with and WOW did it go up in price from when I bought it! I bought the 5.8ft version of it of course https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012BVG6GM/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Tyger is a great company -- I did buy their bed cover and it's been great for something like $110 when i bought it off of ebay. Took me all but 10 minutes to install, and doesn't leak at all. Glad to hear they stand by their product. It blows my mind that people will drop $2,000 on a bed cover. That's just silly in my opinion. but to each their own I suppose!
  8. Does anyone have the AudioControl LC6i?

    Okay, put in about 8 hours of work on the stereo tonight, and I can confirm that if you tap into the rear speaker signal for the front speakers, it does NOT effect the door chimes, speakers, nothing (that I can tell so far) -- Now i'm trying to decide where to mount the tweeters for my hertz 163.5 dieci's. I'll post a follow up Once I get it finished!
  9. Welp, got mine back, and i must say, I think it looks amazing, but you can decide for yourself!!! Best $120 mod I've done yet! The GMC "holder" is NOT removable -- you'll have a GMC logo "pad" where the badge should sit if you dont put it on, unfortunately.
  10. 2014 Color Matched SLE headlights

    where in arkansas? i'm in Little Rock, and have the exact same color truck! PM me please?
  11. This is exactly what I did to mine -- It's supposed to be finished tomorrow. I bought the matte black grille, they're painting the surround to match the truck and leaving the mesh black. I'll post photos once I get it back
  12. This one??? If so, it's towards the bottom of the page http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/192219-lets-see-some-sound-systems/?p=1869899
  13. I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, let me see if I can find it...
  14. Does anyone have the AudioControl LC6i?

    VERY interesting find -- I'll have to keep track of this for when April rolls around. everything to finish my install came in today and my buddy is going to come over to help me out this evening to get the front speakers in the doors, amp mounted to my amp rack, power and ground distribution blocks set up, and everything plugged up. I'll follow up with my results once I'm finished!
  15. 2016 audio help

    There is a RAP under the dash -- Let me find the paragraph I saved for mine that I used as a remote..... Here it is: If you look under the driver's side dash between the brake pedal and parking brake, you'll see the fuse/relay box (it's about 6" x 10" and has a smooth black plastic cover, just like on the GMT-900's). Pry the clasps on each side to remove. On my SLT there are three main banks, left to right, with the first being unoccupied (see attached pic). The slots within first bank are labeled 1-20, though only 11 actually have male connectors. I used my tester to determine the following: #'s 7 & 17 are constant 12v power [always on], #'s 10 & 11 are grounds, and #8 is the RAP [retained accessory power] ignition signal wire (again, see attached pic) https://www.dropbox.com/s/6p1vcs3rfpfd4p4/Sierra%20Wiring%20Diagram.docx?dl=0 That link should be public, when you open the .docx, you should be able to see the photos. Hope that helps!

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