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  1. After some touch up paint. Estimate was $894.
  2. Yeah it's a truck. Being used as a truck. Not gonna drive myself crazy over it.
  3. That put a smile on my face. I don't know if a forty year old father of three could pull that off. Looks cool though. Probably just do the touch up paint and compound. But I'll keep that cladding in mind.
  4. Sort of scraped the side of my truck last week. Small dent, big scrape and scratch down to the metal. Advice? My mom told me to just fill it in with a magic marker and call it a day.
  5. Just got my first AK. So... I aspire to be an AK guy. Chinese glnic spyker.
  6. I noticed that if I pulled on the locked center console hard enough it would open. Which actually wasn't very hard at all. I transitioned to the lockable glove box for the truck gun (S&W 637). I also just looked at my buddys RAM with a gun vault in the center console which is way more secure than the cheap lock Chevy put on our Silverado.
  7. Well I towed our travel trailer about 350 miles last week and it seemed to work just fine. It weighs 5200 lbs empty. I drove through Illinois and Wisconsin through some hills. I am new to towing so I really don't have a frame of reference but everything seemed to be fine. I averaged 11 mpg and most of the time was between 60 and 70 mph on the highway. Next time I'll keep an eye on transmission temperature. I think as long as I'm careful about not over loading the truck and trailer I should be OK.
  8. Yeah unfortunately due to my career I'm sort of locked in to north eastern Illinois for the duration. Would love to eventually move someplace else.
  9. Thanks... For the advice. Reminds me of mre bombs from my time in the service. I don't think I'll go that route. I think I'll just continue on as normal... Being neighborly to the rest of the neighborhood while informing everyone else of the level of douchbaggery in the neighborhood. Eventually karma will catch up.
  10. I'm a paramedic/firefighter in town so of course when the officer rolled up it's a guy I've known for 13 years and have been on countless calls with. Ha-ha. Arlington Heights. North west of Chicago.
  11. Nice truck! I just scraped the crap out of my front quarter panel: (
  12. My uppity neighbors filed a noise complaint at 730 on a Sunday evening during my daughter's fifth birthday party because they heard my dog barking at another dog. They tried to call anonymously but guess what? The cops have caller ID. They then pretended it wasn't them when the squad car pulled up. When confronted after the officer left (in a totally reasonable manner) they called again and said they felt threatened! Think the neighbors from Christmas vacation. Margot and Todd. They are in their early thirties. Wtf! They need to move.
  13. I scraped my front driver quarter panel while backing up a trailer.

  14. We averaged almost 11mpg towing a TT weighing 5200 pounds plus gear. 4.3 L v6 Silverado.
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