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  1. Amazon signs orginal Top Gear cast

    Seems like anything good is coming out in 2016 lol
  2. JOTD

    Lmfao thats great
  3. The stupid Craigslist ad thread.

    Lmfao this is a great thread!
  4. Indiana state police Tahoe accident

    If he's young gun, and is only 26 years old then he was definitely distracted. It's pretty damn hard not to see a trailer in front of you. The younger generations dont listen to the ads and commercials about not paying attention when driving, they all think they are invincible, especially the young police. I bet that man gave out atleast a handful of tickets to citizens doing the same thing he did, only difference this time is karma paid him back in full.
  5. Aluminum radiators

    I was searching for aluminum radiators today and stumbled upon aluminum bi-metal radiators..... Has anyone ever see aluminum radiators for home heating systems?
  6. You should look into radiant floor heating. Not expensive at all and extremely efficient. It can be used for heating purposes or even applications like snow melting. Especially if your building i'm sure you know the cost of plumbing nowadays. Copper is going to cost you 3 times as much with no difference than PEX tubing. Just some insight, good luck and enjoy!
  7. Cell Phones and Older Trucks

    You dont necessarily need to get one so big. You can just as easily have a device that is 1/10th of the size and functions just as well. In New York everyone has a Bluetooth nowadays and due to that their designs and functions are getting more advanced.
  8. See, "blacked out" is definitely not out of style!

    Black will always be in style. The Darker your car is, or the darker your tints are nobody minds. Typically I'd assume people prefered to have a car blacked out as opposed to any other color, I just though they weren't available. lol
  9. Any NBA fans on this forum? If so what are your favorite teams and why?
  10. Amazon signs orginal Top Gear cast

    Sounds awesome, I can't wait. Does anyone know when it will be coming out?
  11. What 4 door sports car should I get?

    The cts-v is an amazing car, highly recommended...

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