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  1. I was doing around 80km/h and hit a washboard area in the road. The truck began to yaw and was nearly sideways before I was able to recover it. Stabilitrak never kicked on. Road was dry. Bounce was so bad the tonneau cover actually detached and landed on the road. I have the max trailering package so the suspension is tight to begin with. Scared the hell out of me for sure. Bumps, potholes and train track crossings are rough but not to the point of losing control like the washboard area did. Never experienced anything like it in my past GM pickup trucks.
  2. I'm looking for a set of used OEM rims for winter use on my 2019 Sierra. Dealer tells me no OEM rims from previous years (2018 and lower)will fit the new redesigned 2019 model. Im thinking the dealer is being straight with me but wanted to hear from other people doing the same if this is correct. I may just get some non OEM steel rims if this is true.
  3. My 2015 Sierra (white) is 5 months old and the front painted steel bumper is chipping as well. After reading all the posts on this forum concerning this apparent common problem I took my truck to the dealer this afternoon. The Service Advisor and Service Manager looked at the chips and stated they would have the bumper repainted under warranty. They both acknowledged this is a common problem. I am paying to have the 3M protector put on after it is repainted. I asked if GM would pay 1/2 of the 3M protector. Uhhh - no. At least i tried. Thanks to everyone who posted on here. Knowledge is power.
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