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  1. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    Nice setup and instructions 👍
  2. Level 8 Slam's 18x9 0 offset Fallen Wildpeaks 295/70/18 4 inch Readylift Slight rub in reverse on full lock
  3. Thanks for the responses. I do indeed have a pdr guy I used for the last hail storm we had. Pdr it is.
  4. That's crazy I guess the stock wheel makes the difference
  5. Didn't brake the paint, just a small dent you can barely see. I don't have pics right now or I'd post.
  6. So I got complacent and parked near the front of Lowe's the other day, well I just noticed a small ding right below the passenger door handle. What's the best way to pop that sucker out?
  7. Looks good! Any rubbing? I put these tires on with a 4" lift and it still slightly rubs at full lock
  8. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    Redid the flapper this time clockwise, dB shot up to 66-67.
  9. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    I thought about it but then the Texas in me wanted everyone to see the Frio label. Maybe Frio will sponsor me.
  10. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    Shit I did mine counter clockwise away from the front of the truck
  11. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    No cold start was definitely louder. I waited till it was a true idle before measuring
  12. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    Exhaust Mod:Frio Edition. dB levels were captured before and after mod in same place. Flapper open.
  13. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    So is it counter clockwise or clockwise??
  14. If I had to guess you got that message going down transmountain rd...

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