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  1. How did you spray the top part that's right below the bumper?
  2. Not sure man, I got mine done in El Paso things are run a little differently here on the border lol. I was gonna do it myself but couldn't pass that deal up.
  3. Alignment was an extra $75. I'm not sure on the hourly rate, I just called the shop then emailed them the parts and install instructions.
  4. Definitely shop around, I paid $800 for my SST lift and a local shop installed for $200.
  5. I darkened mine with VHT night shades. 2 coats
  6. Badass. How hard was it popping off the bumper piece?
  7. True, however if you do the second credit pull within 14 days of the first pull, it won't affect you twice per se
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