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  1. I love it..not too light and not black. I've always loved a dark brown in shoes, bags, etc. I will say it has a little more gray that I expected but it's still the best color that's offered, in my opinion.
  2. I have a 2021 Yukon Denali and after a car wash and back to highway speeds, there is a pretty consistent tapping/flapping noise coming from outside top of truck. I believe I have narrowed it down to the strips that run down both sides of truck under the roof rail frame. If you look at them right by the windshield, the front of them are pretty loose. I have to think air is getting under them and moving around the excess water until it's gone (usually 3-5 mins at 70mph). Has anyone experienced this?
  3. I had this occur on my 2021 Yukon Denali and the dealer updated some software that has resolved it.
  4. Can it be done permanently? It's so annoying, especially for such a large engine. I get that I can push the button every time I get in but does anyone know if I can just disable?
  5. I've always liked the dark brown interior with the white exterior. In my previous 3 Yukon Denalis, I went with black because I had such a hard time locating the Dark Atmosphere interior. With the 2021s, I jumped on the Dark Walnut/Gray because I dont expect that to be very common. The lighter beige is darker than last year but still too light and black is......still black. I also didnt care for the wood trim in the black interiors with the new choices. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2021yukondenali/
  6. It's a piece of cake. Take the two plastic pieces off from around the mirror, unplug the plug on the left side and tap the purple and white for hot and black and white for ground. Done. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2021yukondenali/
  7. Thanks and no, these were with the Mavic 2 Pro and I also shoot with the Inspire 2. Ground shots were with the Sony A9II, 24mm GM and the 135mm GM.
  8. It's really great and a pretty decent step up from the previous model years. I owned 2 16s and an 18 (all 3 Yukon Denalis) and it's good to see them progress like they have with the technology. I have pretty much either had BMWs or GMCs the past few years and just came out of a 2017 X5 x50i M-Sport. Different beasts, no doubt, but I like how much more room I have. We have two labs, a 4-bike hitch mount tray carrier and a large Yakima cargo carrier so the Yukon will be much more suited for that. Love all of the cameras on it, especially the front cameras that automatically activate as you pull
  9. Just got this SUV and in the past have pulled down the top console and connected wiring to a sunroof switch or some other accessory switch (I cant recall) for the power for a radar detector overhead and attached to my windshield. How can I determine how to do that with the 2021s?
  10. My 4th Yukon Denali since 2016 and this one takes the cake. I wasn’t in a tremendous rush to get one but after realizing that there were only 4 within 500 miles of me AND one of them had the dark brown interior, I was in. I was going to catch an 8am flight from Richmond to Newark, grab the truck and drive it home but the owner of the dealership in NJ offered to have it delivered. Deal. I’m leasing it so didn’t really care that it would have 300+ miles on it from the start. The guy was on time, stopped to have it washed again and filled up with gas, was well prepared and as nice as cou
  11. Sharp. I just pulled trigger on a combo that was hard to find the past few years...white tricoat and the darker brown interior. Delivering to me from 400 miles away tomorrow afternoon.
  12. if anyone comes across one east of the Mississippi, please let me know!
  13. Curious if you got a chance to see any other interiors in person. I have always like the Dune and the black as the Cocoa Shale was a bit too light for me. Not terribly fond of the wood in the black interior. Also, for the rear entertainment, seems perfect for young children but for teens with ipads/phones, are they even going to use that? (I ask as a father of two teens). Last, assuming those are the standard premium wheels that will likely be on most Denalis? I like them just fine but if you recall the previous MY, GMC put the smaller less attractive wheels on some of the builds
  14. Fantastic...I am willing to travel up to 3hrs via plane to get one. Did you pay sticker?
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