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  1. Yea it's crazy to think plain ol' black is extra...? On an 80k suv?? And yea its the most expensive vehicle I've ever purchased... prior to this my vehicle was about half the cost... but that was also over a decade ago when vehicle prices were much more normal Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. I plan on hardwiring my radar detector as well. I've always hardwired in my previous vehicles since I absolutely hate the dangling/exposed wires. Let us know how the install goes and where you were able to tap into. I'm gonna look at tapping into the powered rearview mirror... if not then the center console and then run under the dash, along the driver A pillar, and then inside the edge of the headliner. Thanks
  3. Gorgeous combination there my friend! And amazing pics... I gotta step up my photography skills! I shoulda tried to get the dealer to deliver instead of drive 4 hrs from Dallas to Houston. Was worth it tho. Did your dealership budge any off msrp selling price? I know leases are written up differently and you have deal with residual value but curious on that aspect if your open to sharing. Understand if not. What was your previous vehicle and what's your initial thoughts so far on the new rig? Thanks for sharing! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. Yea so regular Denali comes with 20's. Add the Denali Premium Package and you get these different 22's thrown on. They are a bit forgettable to me and I'm not super blown away by them... But I'll be selling them soon as take offs and upgrade to gloss black 24's to help fill in some of that wheel gap Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. Congrats on that! Be sure to post pics. I haven't seen that combo yet. Do you plan on purchasing the extended warranty? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  6. Finally got her all cleaned up and detailed... she's a hefty beauty
  7. Yea factory fog lights which look really great. The LED headlights are the brightest/best performing headlights I've personally ever experienced. They are a perfect pure cool white color and when you pair their bright intensity with the height of the truck and their projection angle, the visibility at night is amazing. If you're familiar with the Kelvin color temperature scale then I'd say these are a solid 7000k in temperature color. When this thing pulls up behind you with the all the headlight/foglights/GMC emblem going it's stunning.
  8. So the very first 2021 we saw and test drove was a white frost tricoat with the teak/light shale interior. That interior was absolutely gorgeous and looked ultra luxury however the wife felt like a black interior was just 'speaking to her'. So a few days later we found a black on black 2021 that was sold but still at a local dealer available to peak at. We both fell in love with the darker theme. In my opinion it looks more modern, sleek, and tough/trucklike. Plus with an infant and toddler, the darker interior I think will hold up better over the next decade we plan on keeping this thing. You make a very valid point on the need (or lack of need) for rear entertainment in today's device filled world... I feel like we went with them b/c of the age of our kids of course. I've got a thumbdrive loaded with kid cartoons so as soon as we get in I start an episode on my toddlers screen and she's quiet/happy. She's at the age where she can watch the same episode/movie 100x and still be engaged. One way however I can see it useful for teens is movies on roadtrips where you wont have to kink your neck to look down at an ipad for 10 hours. We also have the wifi subscription so I simply plug in a Firestick into the rear hdmi port and I can get Netflix, Amazon Video, etc on 2 big gorgeous screens. I can see that being useful for teens as well. If your cell phone has the ability to work as hotspot you can accomplish the same thing without vehicle wifi. ALSO... if they have Android phones (not compatible with Apple), the rear screens are compatible with Miracast in which they can cast their entire phone screen to the rear seat screen and completely control their phone via the touch screen on the rear seat. So connect their phone which takes 5 seconds, the rear seat screen basically turns into a 12.6 inch HD version of their smartphone where they can control their youtube, social media, etc all on a bigger screen and keep their phone in their pocket. Then of course there are included IR headsets compatible with each screen that can pick up on separate audio streams coming from each screen if playing different content. And also you can connect up to 10 different bluetooth headphones to each screen which I'm sure your teens have a wide variety of. As far as wheels go, the Denali's come by default with the smaller less attractive 20' wheels. Once you add the 'Denali Premium Package' it upgrades you to the 22' wheels you see in the pic. So technically the wheels you see aren't standard but I'd say 75%-80% of the Denalis I found listed by dealers had the premium package added so the 22 incher will be a common sight I believe. With the size of this vehicle and massive amount of wheel gap... I feel like the 20's would look too small and the 22's are much more adequate. Hope this helps!
  9. Finally got my hands on one of these and in my driveway! There is lots of misinformation out there when calling around dealerships... but for the record these are definitely beginning to hit dealer lots. The larger dealers will likely have more inside scoop and designated allotments from the manufacturer. Be prepared to pay sticker. I've communicated with tons of dealers across the nation to get a feel for what expected pricing was going to be, all but one would not budge off MSRP. And we currently have absolutely no leverage to really negotiate because you can't really threaten with shopping the next dealer down the highway because there were only a few in all of Dallas. I had to drive to Houston to find this one with everything I wanted. Alot of these are arriving on lots pre-purchased. I lost out on a couple of other deals because they were being snatched up a day or 2 after arriving and I was dragging my feet. Alot of dealers told me I was getting a good deal because lots of other competitors had markups on their 2021's... I didn't find a single dealer attempting to get over msrp so absolutely DO NOT believe this nor agree to anything over sticker. She's fully loaded with the Denali Premium Package, Rear Seat Screens, Max Trailering, and the Illumination Package. Window sticker attached. There are currently ZERO factory incentives on this thing either with rebates or financing. I was able to get a really great rate however through GMC Financial but it was not due to any official promotion. Dealers are allowing test drives on these so try and search Cars.com for something close and go check it out. Be aware, 80-90% of the listings on Cars.com are either still being built or in transit. You will have to contact dealers to actually get an idea of whats on the lot. Car looks amazing in person, GMC hit the styling spot on with this one. Interior is a huge step up from previous. Truck rides like a dream with the new IRS. Tons of space inside with pretty solid fit and finish. The 6.2 pulls like a freight train of course. The drive back from Houston to Dallas (aprx 300 miles) chewed through 3/4 of a tank. Premium gas only is recommended. MPG was pretty disappointing at around 15 mpg. We were booking it back home at a pretty good rate of speed so the heavy right foot definitely attributed. Overall couldn't be happier with the purchase so far. She's a bit dirty after getting rained on and hasn't had her first detail yet. More updates/pics to come. I know info is really limited on these so ask any questions!
  10. Best thing to do is to go on Cars.com and search by dealers with a 2021 close to your area. Then your gonna have to do some detective work b/c the majority of listings are for vehicles that are still being build and the dealer just receiver their allocated vin number on, or the vehicle is still in transit which could still be weeks away. Takes emailing or calling each indv dealer to get their accurate count on 2021 inventory. You might find 10-20% of the listing are actually on the lot.
  11. Yea so right now you are basically gonna have to pay sticker to snag one, there is just too much demand and no inventory to really have leverage to negotiate and there's no incentive for dealers to discount since lots of these are arriving on lots pre-purchased or snatched up withing 24-48 hrs. Dont pay over sticker though! I've talked to lots of dealers and none tried going over sticker on me.
  12. New member here, just picked mine up last week... LOVING this thing. Havn't seen another one on the streets in Dallas yet.
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