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  1. New to forum, new to a potential lemon....thanks for read and any help. My intention of this post is to seek advice, guidance and also warn people with the same vehicle. Roughly a month ago, I bought a 2021 Tahoe Z71. I Love it, its perfect, and I have a baby on the way which is why I purchased it. It fits my business profile well, and I enjoy it (previous ford driver). With that said, some major and minor issues have raised...Not sure how to handle it. After about 1,800 mile, the “Service Safety Restraint system” code popped up on the dash. I figured I hit a button and did it by mistake. I couldn’t figure it out so I wanted to take it to the dealer. I did not take it to the dealer I bought it from because it was to far away, so I took it somewhere locally since it was GM warranty issue. That dealer took it gladly and said they will look at it. Very nice people. After the first visit, the Chevy dealer called and said, “well sir, we don’t have much, but we got the light to go off, we had two put tape on the sensor but if may come back on, just bring it back.Sir, your kinda a Guinea Pig here, we aren’t really sure, its such a new vehicle.” I said “okay cool, thanks for the help, I will let you know when it comes back on”. Back story...I own a busy business, 12 fleet vehicles...why would I second guess a professional GM service department? Later on, my (pregnant) wife and I take a 2 hour road trip. Half way through the trip, the light goes back on...So I call them when I get home. The second visit they said they will call Chevy tech support to figure out the issue...They call me back that day, said they don’t have any solutions yet and that I can come pick up the truck in the meantime...and they will call me with a solution when they find it..I said, nah. Keep it until we find a solution. I didn’t want them to forget about me..fair right? 4 days later, they call me and say, “good news sir! We know what it needs. Chevy said we have to replace the air bags. that MAY fix the issue. Only problem is, the parts are back ordered and could take up to 8 weeks...Can you come pick up the vehicle until the parts get here?” I said, “well, is it safe to drive, I have a pregnant wife..” They said, yes its fine as long as the air bags do not go off...” I said, “Okay, sure, see you soon.” My wife and I looked at each other and laughed! We manage a very high risk business that we deal with high risk decisions all day...I know his answer was wrong, but I am not here to bust anyone’s balls. I just want my Tahoe back.... 5 mins later, the service guy calls me back and says “sir, I misspoke, you cannot take this without signing a wavier releasing us from liability in the event you get hurt...” I said, “well how would I get hurt?” He said “ Well sir, if that airbag light is on, the airbags wont deploy in an accident...” I thought to myself, well why didn’t you tell me that the first time you took it and when you put tape on it with anticipation of the light coming back on. I drove my pregnant wife around in a 2021 Chevy Tahoe with out airbags?!?!!? WOW... I told the dealer that I bought it from...they said “wow, don’t pick it up, it may not be safe to drive.” They’d said, “send us the service reports, we will look at them.“ They mentioned the reports didn’t seem right, and asked me if the dealer offered me a loaner vehicle. I said no, why would they, they are just fixing it, I didn’t buy it there. Long story short, I have no longer have the vehicle, So now I have a 75k vehicle that I cant drive, and I have GM wanting to put new airbags in a brand new car.....WTF right? Side notes, the blue tooth doesn’t work well, 1 out of 5 calls, I have to hang up because it sounds like I went under water. My phone doesn’t do that in any other car...so its not my phone...There is also very very bad noise not the outside of the car when I hit around 70 mph. Sounds like something is flapping...drives me nuts..I have only briefly mentioned these issues to them, I didn’t want them to think I was a complainer. Finally, since I don’t feel like we are making any headway...I called GM today to open a case. They said they would call me in 3 days. With that said, what should I do? I am not picky, I don’t care about little things, I run a company with 250 employees and 12 vehicles (mostly ford fleet vehicles) I don’t want to complain, and frankly, I don’t have time. I just want a safe vehicle for my family. Should I feel good about them replacing the air bags in my brand new car? I personally don’t. I love the Tahoe, I like GM, we just bought my wife a Cadillac SUV. I was very happy with GM but this issue sucks and now I don’t have a vehicle to drive (I can take a old work truck, but that sucks). Am I over reacting? Am I on the right track? I just want a Tahoe that is safe and works. I don’t wont major issues on a new vehicle like this. Neither dealer gave me a loaner in the meantime, so I am at a lost of words of what to do. I did my part, I paid my down payment and got financed for the remainder. I understand there may be issues, and that is cool...but now I am paying Roughly $1,000 Per month for a vehicle I cant drive and I have no course of action. I am not that guy to “call my lawyer” but is this going to turn into that? I pray not! I don’t have time, I just want my new Tahoe, its a bad ass truck man! Thanks for any help, thoughts or direction you can provide me! Have a great night, ~ Matt M.
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