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  1. Trading in my 2015 5.3 silverado husky x act front floor mats (front) double cab/ crew cab and weather tech rear double cab full coverage Matt. 14-18 double cabs. 75$ shipped for them all. Lower 48 only please pay pal only unless local meeting I am in Connecticut
  2. honestly i caught it before it got rusty, i just lightly wire brushed it and then sprayed it. did not try and over think it
  3. i have been touching up the frame on my truck with the NOX rust and its been flawless. i was down on the frame wax too but so far so good.
  4. Can you run 17s on the T1 generation? i am looking at trading in my 15 and would like to take my tires and rims to the new truck
  5. Im a little anal about maintenance and i tow alot, im deff glad i did the differentials, Used amsoil 75w 90 they have the new soft packs of fluid now makes it easy to get in the front diff. im gonna pay the dealer to service the trans in the spring, im not going to deal with the aggravation of jacking things up to get the trans pan off.
  6. what does blackbear do with your follow up log after tune? ive sent it in but haven't heard a thing? do you usually get a response?
  7. thanks, Everyone on here makes it seem so easy but i was still skeptical on the email thing. i would image they use a dyno there. I will have to reach out to them.
  8. looking to see if anyone on here has been to a black bear tuning event in person vs just through email and data log. I noticed one event is a couple hours away from me and was wondering if it is really worth going that route vs over the phone.
  9. y are you selling them Did you not like them?
  10. I did this on my old truck, 6L80E. would never do it again i will just pay the dealer, no matter how long you let it drain, once you take the pan off its still all gonna drip in your face, all over the floor. cleaning took longer than the filter change. I have also heard way to many horror stories about the trans flush machine. id say get the filter changed and the 6-7 quarts done more frequently than a flush. i plan on changing my filter at 30k and then every 30k after that. gotta take care of the trans in these trucks, unfortunetly they seem like the weak link
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