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  1. Well I finally solved my vibration issue. Ordered a 2018 Jeep Rubicon the other day. Between the hassle with the dealer on the vibration issue and the wife complaining the truck was too big, I have thrown in the towel. Will miss this forum...take care.
  2. There are small round magnets that will fit over your power wire that will cut down on alternator whine. Check some of the Ham Radio parts sites.
  3. Got a call from the GM advisor and was asked about the truck, told him it's still the same. Then he told me that I have the wrong tires on it as they are ATs from Bridgestone. I advised him that the GM specs for my truck called for ATs not those cheap Goodyear all seasons. And when I first got the truck it had the Goodyears and it vibrated then. I also told him that these tires were put on by the dealer and that according to GM requirements they are considered OEM and that's the reason I went with them. I told him that if GM wants to buy new tires, have at it. Also told him I was going to be
  4. The solution is trade it in for another brand...
  5. Well got my truck back today. Was told they did find the left front tire and wheel out. Road Force was at 37 lbs but they said it was brought down to 13lbs. Drove it out on the interstate for 70 miles at 75, still vibrates but not as bad, even passenger felt it in the seat. Still has slight vibration at 41-50 too. Gonna be busy next few months but I think this fall I will dump this piece of garbage. Damn shame, never thought I would be a Dodge or Ford man..
  6. I don't think drawing down the battery will set off the codes you describe. I tow our truck behind a RV and I have killed or close to killed the battery a couple of times until I put a good charge wire in it and never had any codes..
  7. Got a call from dealer today. Told me tire guy found a front tire and 20"rims out of spec. Something about the rim not flush on the hub..now they want the truck for another day...hey you never know, maybe they will fix it
  8. Careful what you say!!They might take over your truck out on the freeway and that would be bad...
  9. Well GM now wants me to take my truck back to the dealer so they can compare it to a 2017 truck off the lot. I asked the GM Rep , what if the truck on the dealer's lot vibrates, does that make mine normal?? This should be interesting.
  10. This is my 5th GM truck in about 20 years and most likely my last. Hell, at this point I might even consider a Dodge..
  11. On mine it can be set in setup, either vibrate, beep or nothing.
  12. Well, got a call from an 800 number today, hung up the first time, all I could hear was the background of a call center. Turned out it was GM calling about my vibration complaint. Evidently they are now using a call center to make the calls. The guy who called could barely speak English. I am so enthused about the outcome of my complaint....
  13. If it's outside then I would suspect the cat, Toyotas had this problem years ago, they finally had a recall on it, something to do with ecm. My Father had one of the Toyotas, stunk like hell in his car.
  14. Last summer the truck vibrated like hell at 75 so I took it to a Bridgestone dealer, they road forced and rotated the tires on my 20" rims, all was fine until local dealer rotated the wheels. Now it vibrates at both 41-50 and around 75. But at 75 it comes and goes. Contemplating just saying the hell with it and buying new 18" rims and tires.
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