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  1. my 2017 5.3l had the rattle also, it would rattle when the AFM would run in 4 cyl and you were on the gas but not enough to switch back to 8 cyl. i removed the flapper valve and never looked back. that was 30,000 miles ago. i had a 2015 5.3l that never had this issue, only difference was on the 2015 the flapper was in front of the muffler, on the 2017 it is after the muffler
  2. I had a 15 z71 with 18inch rims and a have a 17 ltz 4x4 with 20inch rims. the 15 had the rancho shocks just like the trail boss and the ride was rougher in the z71
  3. your truck weight is 8250! are you sure? I mean the weight on my 2017 crew cab was only 5454 according to the shipping weight on the COO. Scan.pdf
  4. If you want a console I would contact atconversions in markle in. they discard them as a smaller one is used. they discard the new unused center consoles. and would likely charge you shipping and a small fee to pack it. But I have a question about your trail boss. is the transfer case moved with the 2inch lift? if you can find a contact at atconversions pm me. and I will see what I can do.
  5. its easy to clean it is for the most part spray in bed liner as far as packed for shipping they install everything there.
  6. Yotaman did you ever get this fixed? my father has a 2011 Silverado that the stabilitrak light comes on if parked in hot sun. done it for 2 years was fine all winter. goes out after its parked in the garage for awhile or drive with a/c on for a bit.
  7. so I have a 2017 ltz crew cab, there is a 3 inch body lift that was fine for 5500 miles when I got the stabilitrac service at start up. I had the dealer download the fault. came back a yaw sensor. he did the re calibrate to zero the sensor. was good for 500 miles now its back on as soon as I start the truck. is this a bad sensor? where is this sensor?
  8. this is good info, just for not my factory key fob that came with my 2015 Silverado lt with factory remote start has the all black key fob.
  9. there is a company in Ft Wayne called MobilitySVM that does this either driver or passenger side. this is the process. Fit and finish is very good. they can do 4wd if your chair will fit.
  10. This was a factory new 2015 Silverado crew cab Z71 2wd (4wd transfer case created clearance issues) first up interior remove and 3inch body lift. next b pillar removed and floor cut new lowered floor installed lift beam, beam pocket and wiring doors and lift platform interior back in finished home with little sister sorry its pretty stock, rims, shocks, badges still on it, but still falls into modifications...
  11. I have a 2015 crew cab the front passenger side seat belt height adjuster cover is loose. the bottom edge of it can be pushed in enough the fit your fingers in it. the drivers side is very solid cant be pushed in at all. how do I fix it?
  12. 2015 Colorado & 2015 Silverado Both in Silver Ice Metallic!
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