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  1. I had the worst issues with that kit, I documented the problems and TRS made it right. The XB fogs have been a champ but they need to HTFU with a complete XB headlight setup for these trucks like they did the F150.
  2. I understand the jack rabbit was the one to have... I didn't have any luck finding a reputable retailer. I bought and installed a locking mechanism (the one everyone gets and I might add was a bitch to get the wiring and function working), which does add to security but at the of the day, if someone wants in there and has a lever, they'll get in there.
  3. I've had the Retrax since December and here is my take. 1) It doesn't leak THAT bad. Don't put stuff back there that you don't want to get damp. Luggage, golf bags, shoes will be fine but its not a trunk. Running it through a carwash or driving on the interstate during a downpour you'll see a little water on near the bed rails and under the canister in the front but not more than a 1/4 cup total. Pickup some weather seal for the tailgate and it will help with water intrusion from the rear. 2) The installation is a little chintzy, not sure what I expected. If you've ever installed a garage door you know what I'm talking about. The strength comes after installation, but the parts are pretty weak because its made to be light. The only issue here is the Retrax install REALLY needs to be done with 2 people. If you try to install by your lonesome, expect some bent parts because it goes on in one piece including the canister and bedrails. 3) Its not any more secure that every other tonneau cover out there. I'll leave it at that. 4) If you can buy the cover through a re-seller that can order from the manufacturer, be sure to get custom cut rails to accommodate the stake holes for future use. 5) Its expensive, even if you find a deal, its magnitudes more expensive than other good options. Not sure it was worth paying double. 6) Definitely pull that sticker off the bed rail.
  4. This is the point I'm trying to make from a user that has actually installed it and had similar issues no less. I started this thread to share my opinion about how shitty the product experience has been. Some folks need to take that for what it is instead of playing the consummate Monday morning quarterback.
  5. I found 3 grey with green stripe wires, the first 2 were 18-20ga so imagine my frustration when I discovered that I needed to find a 3rd one that was 12-14ga which was buried in that location. And I found 2 brown with yellow stripe wires, which again imagine my frustration that the first one wasn't the right one...
  6. You're copping an attitude because I didn't read every post in a thread titled "2014+ Power Tailgate Lock installed" with 14 pages of info when I own a 2015 model. I wasn't looking for help, the project is done, I'm bitching about the process so anyone that only read the positive feedback thinks there aren't issues won't be surprised when they discover those issues.
  7. That's fine, other than the fact that this walkthrough is for a 2014 Chevy. The wires shown in that install are completely different from a 2015 Sierra which is the point in my post.
  8. If you look at my signature I've completed a few modifications to my 2015 Sierra. None have been a bigger pain in the ass than the pop&lock (popnlock) install. And understand I completed an HID retrofit in less time and drama. I have to say something because all of the reviews on Amazon are nothing but positive. I spent 30 minutes installing the power lock in the tailgate but had to spend 5 hours routing cable and troubleshooting wiring. I validated 3 times I had the right unit (PL8140). The issue is that the manufacturer ships the units with less than worthless instructions. There are numerous accounts of what the proper wiring should look like, in the end, no one tells you before you start this project, that there are MULTIPLE wires with the color code that should work for the project. So now its a matter of trial/error. Once I figured out the correct wiring (which should have never been an issue), the chincy mechanism does not function correctly all the time. The replacement hardware is designed to allow for "some play in its operation" in order to allow the mechanism and the manual key lock to work. What I found was the operation fails to engage the lock entirely and it fails to cycle from unlock to lock 70% of the time. I am sure there is an opportunity for someone to critique how I installed the mechanism, but be assured that it was completed with no help from the supplied instructions. Lastly, the device is LOUD af. When you lock the truck, the tailgate is all you hear from 20 ft away.
  9. I'm guessing $3k for the setup based on those custom brackets and working. I wonder how they address the amplified door chime?
  10. I have some recent experience with this topic.. First, there is only enough space to mount an amp behind the rear seat, not enough for a sub. Even if you can get a compact sub to fit, the speaker has to breath front and rear, otherwise its all for not. I would say if you need the space below the rear seat and want a nice sized sub, the solution for you might be to have a custom enclosure built over the transmission hump behind your front console. This is actually a really good use of space since generally that area is never used.
  11. Alright, sub $40k otd current model year... $10k off $70k sticker is not the same as $10k off $50k sticker
  12. Straight up. The best educated response this thread has. Tired of the nut hugging 6.2 owners claiming there's no way a 5.3 owner CAN POSSIBLY get close to the sheer excitement from 0.9L more of displacement. "It's really the last old school corvette motor".. GIVE ME A ****IN BREAK MAN. The 5.3L has the greatest flexibility from the factory. If someone wants a bare bones V8 short wide, they can get it with a 5.3... Good luck on finding a base model with the 6.2. If someone can find their dream spec truck with the 5.3 below $40k... Guess what? I got that. The 6.2 $10,000 off sticker? NOPE. If there was a shop in the area I could trust with my DD, I'd have a 2.9L whipple, cam, long tube headers, and 4.10 gears on my rig. And I'd still have less in it than you guys paying $55k (otd) for your 6.2L SLT.
  13. Adding Aftermarket Sub/Amp

    WTF is that angle iron bolted in there??
  14. There is a special noise to be had from the whistle of a supercharger, more fun than any horsepower number. if you have the means and you have a shop you trust, it is an experience you'll always remember.

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