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  1. Please lock thread I purchase a exhaust. Thanks to MViper for the help! Great communication through the purchase and gave me some pointers.
  2. I know the chances are slim to none but if anyone is looking to get rid of there muffler or exhaust I would be interested in buying. Thanks
  3. I just traded my '14 LTZ Z71 4X4 5.3 in on a '17 All Terrain 6.2 and it was more than I expected. Im in the same boat you're in with not hauling anything but wanted to go with a 6.2. I have had better gas mileage so far and will be adding a CAI and tuner down the road.
  4. I just bought a package from Fleet Safety here in Houston and they have been great help. It was a combination of Federal Signal and Whelen work lights. I sell road building equipment so I ordered Blue/Amber lights because I can be very close to traffic. I will list everything I have on order and will post pictures after install. I also have them installing the Rigid Industries A Series cool white lights in the bumper steps. - Federal Signal - Rear Tailgate Runner (fits below tailgate and not noticeable) 4 - Micro Pulse Ultra 6 front grill (these are weather proof and extremely bright) - Whelen - 2 - Vertex Super LED for third brake light
  5. Thanks. My '14 was staring to have some issues (Passenger and rear seat rattling still rattled after adding foam to it, electrical issue and out of warranty) and had great rates from my credit union. I do outside sells for construction equipment and drive about 1000 miles a week.
  6. I traded my '14 LTZ for a '17 All Terrain and absolutely love this truck. I'm not good with adjusting photos and I've been swamped with holiday clean up so I only have one picture of the new truck. Hoping the weather clears out and I will get some pictures with the sun out.
  7. LTZcoog

    2 1/4" Pro Comp

    Thank you sir. I greatly appreciate it!
  8. Traded my '14 LTZ for a '17 Sierra All Terrain. She goes into the shop in the morning for a leveling kit.
  9. LTZcoog

    Work Photos

  10. There should be a post in this forum http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/168-gen-v-small-block-engine-drivetrain-exhaust/
  11. I was hoping to but my HID kit issue has popped back up. Seeing as I started this thread I want to see this through and make sure y'all get what you need. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience
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