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  1. Good evening. Looking for some help as I thought I ordered the correct sizing but reading more looks like I ordered too small. I bought a 2.5” I/O Flowmaster FlowFx to do a muffler only replacement. It looks like many people are doing 3” but I see also a lot are doing 2.5” out for duals. My question is if my 2.5” I/O will work or not?
  2. Thank you sir! Got it done when I was at the dealer getting the oil changed today. I will have to check on if it is correct after this snow event. Saw your jam handles video, congrats on the new truck!
  3. Just out of curiosity with the stock HIDs I get flashed for having my brights on ALOT. I am guessing its due to the lift/tires. Has anyone adjusted their headlights down after their kit was installed? I am not sure if this would help or make it worse? Thoughts?
  4. I am looking into UCA's for mine as well as considering the move to 3" and rear blocks as well? When do they expect the blocks to come out and how many miles has your kit been on?
  5. Use this Y wiring harness shown in this video to hide everything/plug in behind bumper: Instead of tapping the brake lights or any factory harness tap the Y wiring harness purchased for your reverse light like in this video:
  6. Got a little busy with snow starting the day this went on! But I love it, no adjustments in the front I really want to move the front to the 3” setting and add a 1/2” block in the back but don’t want to change the UCAs. Front is sitting about 1/2” lower just off of eyesight. Running Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT 275/65/20. Rubs ever so slightly on UTurns. Just requires a little Austin Powers maneuvering!
  7. Did you do anything with the rear blocks or just the Eibach kit? Looks great my pro truck kit is going on tomorrow with same tires specs,
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