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  1. My 2 cents. I installed the Power Stop Z36 pads and rotors all around about 3 months ago. I did the correct break in procedure and they feel ok. Not great but just adequate enough to get the job done. I got them on sale so it was tough to pass them up. If I did it all over I would probably go the PPV route with stock or PPV pads. I have towed with them several times but I havent noticed and performance difference.
  2. Chalk up another AC down thanks to the condenser issue. I read all of the pages of this thread to make sure i not missing out on any info. Im at 73k on my 2014 and of course out of warranty as of 1/1/2020. Im not going to fight with the dealer, not worth the time of effort. Someone posted what Ive found to be the best replacement (literature wise) so far so I ordered it from rockauto today. It arrives sometime thursday so hopeful to have it up and blowing cold again friday afternoon. Heres the info on the condenser. http://www.gpdtechtips.com/techtip77.html I also ordered a high pressure hose as Ive seen a few people say these are failing sometimes too. GPD sells one on rockauto that is steel and not aluminium so hopefully itll hold up. GPD also has a seal/oring kit that I bought too since people are saying to replace the seals on the low/high pressure lines when reinstalling everything.
  3. Ive had my front one one since the group buy and the rear one on even longer. Both look great and are holding up fine. Mine are white and i didnt paint them because the color match is really close to the summit white. I just wash them and wax them like I do my truck and theres no fading or yellowing.
  4. I have the previous generation Thule rack. Set up is slightly different than the new one. Heres the manual i found online. https://www.austinkayak.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-Products_Master_ACK/default/dw7a1be1cc/assets/pdf/Thule_500XT_Instuctions.pdf
  5. agreed! Those were two seperate statements about going 80-90 and towing trailers. Either way more often than not Ive seen big rigs doing 80+ down our toll roads and rarely see a light truck towing above 70. I do find it hard to believe that when Im doing 90 on the toll road the pvc system is sucking in 1 quarts worth of vapors per 500 miles. In fact my catch can says otherwise. However Im a realist and know since (in my situation) im not seeing any blow by, so the oil must have been vaporized and burned somewhere within the engine. I still think its laughable to allow this much oil consumption. I've had far cheaper vehicles that never burned a drop of oil that get driven as hard as my current truck. I'll give GM the benefit of the doubt since I know their LS and LT engines are pretty solid and reliable. Thats why my mustang has an LS in it.
  6. So youre comment got me curious what the consumption rate was for GM. I found a link to their test. It states for cars and light trucks, 1 quart per 1000 miles is acceptable. They also state aggressive driving (3000 rpm to redline) increases consumption to an acceptable level of 1 quart per 500 miles. Thats crazy for a truck that pulls trailers a lot or around here where 80-90mph is the norm on our toll roads. https://gm.oemdtc.com/698/information-on-engine-oil-consumption-guidelines-2018-and-prior-gm-passenger-cars-and-gasoline-powered-light-duty-trucks
  7. insane yes but unfortunately true. As someone posted above me, most LS forums and facebook groups will confirm the mystery oil consumption that [some of] the LS and LT engines have. My truck doesnt have any blow by or leaks. My catch can catches a decent amount of vapors but not 1 quarts worth. I believe since switching to amsoil sig series my catch can doesnt get as full as quickly either. My other car with an LS1 doesnt seem to burn any oil. However it mainly sits in the garage lol.
  8. I will confirm this statement. I was always using pennzoil ultra platinum and switched to amsoil about 15k miles ago. While oil consumption is something some of these GM engines do, the amsoil has seemed to reduce mine. Prior to amsoil i was adding a quart at 2000-2500 miles. Since then I have been adding maybe 1/4th of a quart or less. Let them do the oil consumption test though. Sometimes there are actually issues that they will warranty. I forget the consumption rates needed to rebuild or replace an engine by GM but its pretty absurd. I think its something like 2 quarts every 2000 miles or something.
  9. 5/4/19 2014 Silverado 1500 5.3 60894 4934 on oil, 38% on OLM Amsoil sig series 0w-20 out and back in Wix filter 10255 installed Only running e85 and sending oil out for my engines first oil analysis.
  10. Ill be honest, I hope the admins make a vendor for sale section. Im not a fan of the general for sale section getting cluttered with vendor(s) posts.
  11. Bump for you. If it was summit white I'd be all over it. Been looking at these for a while.
  12. I have a 2014 with McG spindles and didnt have to modify anything to run my factory 20's. When I installed them I believe they said anything lower than 17's would require you to cut the balljoint stud. I definitely had enough room to go down to a 17".
  13. I have the small bottle. I had also heard the sprayer plugs up with the ceramic spray too. I ran some surface prep through the sprayer after I used it friday. I applied some to my fish finder screen lol. It seemed to work great yesterday, well see how long it lasts.
  14. I have a bottle but havent had time to apply it to the truck yet. Going to do a test run on the roof since I literally had just corrected the paint on the rest of the truck before adams release it. Still need to correc the roof, so im good there. probably going to apply it next week as long as this rain stops.
  15. Vled vs. Amazon cheaply comparison. Also the amazon leds burned out within a month on one of the bulbs. Vleds on the left.
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