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  1. I know this is a few months old but wow, this gives me flashbacks of answering emails/messages when I had an eBay business. I actually made pretty good extra income from selling automotive bulbs (my buddy owns the company, I just sold them on eBay) but after years of dealing with customers like the OP I just quit. This thread is absolutely ridiculous. sent via tapatalk
  2. Sounds like you're in a good lease position on the v6, 8000 off sticker for a lease is a very nice start. sent via tapatalk
  3. I found out about Laura from these forums. They are definitely legit after talking on the phone with them. I was pretty much set to drive down there Saturday as they had 3 identical trucks that were optioned exactly how I wanted them and the prices were awesome. Luckily my local dealer just about price matched them so I didn't have to drive 6 hours. If anything I'll be using Laura as a negotiating tool if need be. sent via tapatalk
  4. Does anyone know if Black Bear is capable of doing a flex fuel tune? The '16 5.3 8spds are not flex fuel capable but it's only a couple hundred dollars to do the conversion. Would obviously just need a new tune after installing the parts. sent via tapatalk
  5. How are the lease incentives in your zip? I actually preferred a double cab and luckily they had $4750 worth of lease incentives on them. Only $1000 incentives on crew cabs so it was a super easy choice. I also get supplier pricing ($3300 off) and they even price matched a deal I found on the internet so I got an additional $2000 reduction for that. So just a little over $10k off bringing the truck price to $40000ish. Residual on this truck is 68% on a 24 month lease so purchase price after lease is $34272. Not a bad difference to make up in 24 months. I put a couple grand down and my payments are very low. I'm not bragging here, just mentioning that you definitely need to check incentives on all Silverado configurations for your zip code to make sure you're making the right decision. Also, I put out lease quote requests on five different identical trucks in this area and they all came back with different figures. Shop around [emoji109] sent via tapatalk
  6. 2014 lifted powerstroke, bought it new and did all the mods. Loved it, will probably go down as the biggest head turning vehicle I ever own but honestly that shit gets old. Definitely going to keep my new Sierra more subtle. The F250 was fairly basic (XLT) so the new Sierra SLT I bought is much better as a daily. It fits in the garage, I can maneuver around town easily, park easily, etc. I do miss the torque and trans. This new 8 speed in my Sierra hunts for gears non stop. I've been through many new vehicles and I know they "learn" driving habits and get better but this thing doesn't have a clue what gear it should be in. I really didn't want to mod this thing too much (that's the whole point of selling my F250, wanted a new/nice half ton to keep mostly stock) but I think I'll have to do an e85 conversion and flex tune. Also, I could litter this post with previous Mustangs and other blue oval stuff but well, this is a GM forum so I'll just end it here [emoji8] The new Sierra AT. Less than 200 miles so I'll quit bitching about the trans, definitely gotta give it some time to work itself out. sent via tapatalk
  7. Ive had great luck with the JDM Astar line of LED's. I won't run anything else. sent via tapatalk
  8. 2016 Sierra All Terrain double cab 4wd 5.3 8spd- Aluminum. sent via tapatalk
  9. Exactly, that's why it's hard to compare. My tuned/deleted powerstroke was roughly 600hp and 1200 torque. Like you I'm still loving this new half ton even though it's a little anemic. I absolutely had no use for a diesel though, just wanted to try one out and it was fun. The 5.3 I bought did not come with the $100 flex fuel option which sucks because E85 is everywhere in NW IN where I live. I'm surprised these local dealers didn't add that option for their inventory since E85 is huge around here. I didn't see one flex fuel 5.3 around here. I am going to do more research on the e85 conversion and tuning which I read about on here previously. sent via tapatalk
  10. Just a completely different truck so it's hard to compare ya know? A huge lifted diesel on 37's is a different animal lol. This Sierra is definitely nicer because of all the options. The F250 was an XLT with just basic power options. I'm enjoying the nice quiet ride, 8" touchscreen and bose audio. The 5.3 8 speed combo seems perfectly sufficient for what I do which is basically just drive it around town. sent via tapatalk
  11. Yep, went ahead and did the full rough country kit. I like a little rake. Front measurements before level were roughly 36.5", ended up at 39.5" afterwards. Rear I don't remember the numbers offhand but i do remember it was damn near perfectly level with just the front kit installed. I like a little rake so I went ahead and did the rear blocks too. Only drove to the gas station and back so far, seems like it drove the same. Getting alignment tomorrow. That leveling kit was a pretty funny install for me because I typically breeze through crap like that but I tried to take shortcuts and install it like lots of people do which is to not remove all the stuff Rough Country tells you to in the instructions. It just wasn't happening, I fought with the drivers side for a couple hours. I ended up just disconnecting the upper ball joint and steering linkage as rough country recommends and I had tons of room. Passenger side took literally maybe 30 mins since I just disconnected everything from the start. Also, I assumed a double cab would be steel control arms so I ordered the leveling kit for steel. I ended up having aluminum so I had to make a trip to Home Depot to buy the correct sized bolts for aluminum control arms (M10 1.5 90mm). Luckily they had exactly four of them in stock. sent via tapatalk
  12. Sorry for another quick reply but I'm using tapatalk and it's telling me my pic uploads are too big. And here's what I just sold to put me in the market for a new truck. 2014 Super Duty 6.7 4wd. I had my fun with it but I wanted something that actually fits in my garage and I can park around town easily. I pretty much just got bored with it. Anyways, just wanted to show off the new rig, I'll be mostly lurking and reading. sent via tapatalk
  13. Couple more pics, wouldn't let me add them to the original post. sent via tapatalk
  14. Hey all, been lurking here for a few weeks since I was planning a purchase. Last night I bought a '16 All Terrain SLT Premium package double cab 5.3 / 8spd 4wd. Love the truck so far. My plan was to just level it and be done since I'm sick of blowing all my extra money on car parts. I ordered a rough country 1305 leveling kit this week so I had it before I bought the truck. Drove it home from the dealership and got busy with the leveling kit. Installed that, removed the side steps, door moldings and all the dealership decals. Eventually I'll probably get color matched mirror caps and door handles then add the base black window trim. I might also do the e85 flex fuel conversion and tune that I read about on here previously. Anyways, here's a couple pics. Stock, straight home from the dealership. Picture today with all mods done. sent via tapatalk
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