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  1. Happy Saturday DMAXNAZ,


    Your truck looks great, this is the 3rd GMC Sierra I have had and they have all had the typical rake, my 2018 seems to be the worst.  After measuring, I have a 3 to 3.25" difference between the front and the rear.  it is very noticeable.   On my 08, I utilized the OEM green keys, they are clocked differently and I only had to crank on them a couple of turns to bring the difference between front and rear to about .5".  The original difference on this truck between the front and rear was 2.0" I also installed Bilstein 5100's all the way around and didn't compromise the ride quality, in fact it got a little better.


    I know that most guys that I talk to are pushing the upper control arm kits with new keys, I know that I can just crank up the original keys and make this rake better if not go away, but don't really want to sacrifice the ride quality on a month old truck, and yes I can keep throwing parts at it to bring back the ride quality,  I also don't like the idea of modifying the frame of a 60K truck.   If the long term goal is to install upper control arms, I'm better off purchasing them included in a kit instead of by themselves,  it will be the most cost effective way, since they are about $500.00 when purchased separately.   


    You had mentioned that next time you would just do a rear lowering kit, can you go into detail about this?


    I know that most of the 3" Suspension Lifts (aka new keys and UCA), come with each manufacturers own brand name shocks, some have upgraded shock options.  I looked at Suspension Max, Ready Lift, Zone, Cognito, Rancho, Tuff Country and Rough Country.  Rough Country seems to the most effective way to go, I talked to them about the upper ball joints, they are press fit Moog and are replaceable.  My only question, is there brand name shocks, I know most guys that have installed this kit, they have not put too many miles on them yet. 





    1. DMAXNAZ


      When I first put my 285/70/18 tires on my stock wheels I was surprised how much room there was after cranking the front. I know they could have fit without cranking. It's been a couple years, but I think it was Cowpie maybe who dropped his rear 2 inches. Now the rake is mostly gone, and no ride quality sacrificed. 

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