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    Working on my trucks and making power used to be an intrest. After some late issues it's became less of an intrest. Atvs guns I can have fun doing about anything.
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  1. There's a such thing as a quiet 6.0? All the ones I've heard including my own make a plethora of noises. ??
  2. All of the 6.0's I've seen sounds like they have a little lifter tick, but mine has 219k miles and it sounds the same as the 6.0 I've seen with 40k miles making the same noise. ??
  3. Also with the mileage, if the injectors have never been replaced you might want to have about $4k set aside(less if you're doing the labor yourself). Check for cross members and bed being rotted out also.
  4. Interested in this also, I'm fixing up my '02 crew cab long bed and it's definitely lacking in power, although with 214k miles I may be concerned throwing more at the 4l80e.
  5. Idk about Chevy's block heater as I haven't had one with a block heater, but my current and last ram with Cummins both have and I love plugging them in. Instant heat, easier on engine, starter, and batteries. The block heater in both my trucks and backhoe all work when you plug them in no matter the temp. ?
  6. I don't think I'd be that worried about any of it. If the diff fluid isn't being burnt and the brakes aren't smoking I believe you have nothing to worry about.
  7. You made a broad statement and I made a broad rebuttal. Smaller cube forced induction engines are coming a long way and run quite well. The 1.4l in my '17 Trax makes about as much power as 70-80's 350ci (5.7l). It has 140hp 140tq and it's a bit of a dinosaur as far as technology. Early 90's is about the last of n/a diesels also. Diesels run very poorly without forced induction. Look at the 350ci diesel Chevy had in the 70's.
  8. Only code being random misfire, possibly a cam or crank sensor, perform a crank position relearn so if it makes any difference.
  9. I'd tap into the wires to the reverse switch. I spliced into the wire on each side of the reverse light switch and ran them to a toggle switch in the cab in my Dodge.
  10. I have auto enginutity, but I don't have the enhanced gm package, I have the enhanced package for my dodge. I never wasted the extra money on having the gm enhanced also because I only had my 02 before and it runs ok with 220k mi. Heck a subscription to all data would probably cost more than $85 I paid to Johnson motors to diagnose my p0521.
  11. His tank is removed I asked him about, but he said the tank on his lml didn't hang as low as it does on the l5p, and I never noticed it on any of the lml trucks I've looked at, but it sticks out like a sore thumb on these new trucks.
  12. I had the dealer diagnose it. I paid them $85 for that so they better of properly diagnosed it. I don't have access to gm manuals or all data program, or anything like that to get diagrams and pinout to test the harness or sensor. I could of ohmed the sensor out, but i don't know which pins or the range it should fall in and what resistance should be at the different pressures.
  13. The lml tank was in the same place? I never noticed it on my friends '13 and his truck is lifted so it would be easier to see... Whole point of buying a new truck is so I don't have to work on it and have a warranty. If I wanted to work on my truck I'd keep fixing my nasty compound turboed dodge. Also I'm not going to give up bed space for a dumb def tank.
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