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  3. I installed a rancho leveling kit with new tortion keys on my ‘17 2500 HD. The kit I bought came with new longer rancho shocks. (eBay $215) Rancho # rosrs66351r5, the kit says you can run 33” tires but I have 34.5” (295/70r18)nitto mtr’s with very little rubbing on inner fender liner on full turn. Pretty easy to install and the ride is not really stiff. Need a tortion bar unloading tool to do the job yourself. Either way you lift it you should get a alignment after so you don’t chew through your tires. Westy5
  4. Keep it waxed I use my back pack blower to remove 95% of the water
  5. I put one on my truck after I noticed there was a place for one and gm decided not to put one on it I guess that it's a option?
  6. I change it myself every 3000 miles. I don't trust the goofs at the dealership. The last truck I owned the Chevy dealer installed a new battery under warranty and dented the fender installing it. Bunch of Idiots. Plus they identify your vehicle by putting a magnetic number on the hood which made me cringe at the site. I try to take care of my vehicles as best I can. Especially after I spent 40,000.00 plus dollars for their product. lDK maybe I'm to fussy, or not?
  7. I have a Honda crf450r two wheeler also. I'm 49 YO now, yup getting old sucks but sitting on the couch sucks even more. just have to be a little more careful. I don't try crazy stuff like I would have when I was younger, seems it takes a lot longer to heal up. LOL!
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