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  1. I’m running 34.5” Mickey Thompson 295-75r18 without a leveling kit. I just turned the stock tortion keys a couple of turns with no rubbing issues whatsoever . 2022 regular cab
  2. I think the reason is GM is making a lot more money on the $70,000-$80 crew cabs than the $45,000 I paid for my 2500hd. That and the crew cabs are in higher demand obviously.
  3. That’s why I like them and have one, because everybody else has 4 doors
  4. What mirrors do you have on your truck? I bought some 2021 1500 mirrors on eBay but when I went to install them the bolt pattern on my 2022 2500 was wider. I hate the “moose antler “ look of the tow mirrors on mine
  5. I put on 295/75r18 on the first day I got it,I did have to turn the tortion keys a couple of turns to eliminate rubbing issue. 2022 seems to have more space in wheel well than the 2017. My 2017 needed a leveling kit not the 2022. Not quite sure how it effects mpg since I only have 200 miles on it. But the speedometer is a little off because the bigger tires are traveling further each revolution. I’m not worried about mpg anyway. Looks better to me
  6. From another old guy , here’s my new 2022 2500hd two hours after I got it home I Installed my lt295’s Mickey Thompson’s and adjusting the torsion keys.
  7. I turned the stock keys up on my new 2022 2500hd and the 295/70r18 Micky Thompson’s fit fine
  8. I swapped my stock 275/75r17 tires for new wheels and 295/70r18 tires,which are quite a bit bigger, on my new 2022 2500 hd . And at 75mph on the Speedo gps says I’m going 78 mph. I’d assume that the faster your going a little more it would be off
  9. I saved wheels and tires (295-75-18 micky Thompson mtz off the 2017 2500hd I just sold and was wondering if I would have any issues when I go to put them on my new 2022 2500hd when it arrives? Any thoughts guys? Lmk oh btw the 2017 had a 1.5” leveling kit is the 2022 front suspension any different than the 2017? A few turns on the key bolts and I don’t need a leveling kit on the new 2022 looks awesome too!
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