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  1. I got it fixed the passenger side alternator plug was unplugged. When I got that taken care of my codes for the fan and the charging circuit went away. She's got a clean bill of health.
  2. He all , I have a 2010 Duramax Ambulance that has the charge light on. I normally wouldn't ask cause it would be pretty easy to figure out but this thing has 2 alternators. It is throwing charge and runs up around 14volt on the gauge, but I have the charge light on and that is throwing a code that flashes on the message center thing. The ambulance was tipped over on and landed on its side and could've messed something up in the wiring, then again it could just have a bad alternator. How could I check the circut hat turns the charge light on to see if thats the culprit 1st? I've got a fan speed code I need to dig into also I believe is for the cooling fan which could be wiring related. The main trouble is the charging for now.
  3. I'm talking to a guy that builds stand alone harnesses. I'm not entirely sure theres enough wire to do what I want on the factory harness. There is quite a difference in engine bay length between the 2.
  4. So I bought this Ambulance with a Duramax the other day for less than half of what just a motor would have cost. 2010 Chevy Express 3500 ambulance. I own a 86' GMC Suburban C2500 that is in pretty nice shape for a old squarebody with a 350/400 combo. The ambulance was layed over on it's side and stamped as a salvage title. From what little driving I have done with it the motor and trans are great. The suburban drives good but I overheated the motor last year on the way home from camping and I had replaced the heads which were both cracked but I had been thinking about a cummins swap when this Duramax popped up and with everything there to make a full swap I figured whats the worst that could happen. I done some research on the job and studied a tread that was done that's similar to mine with a van motor and wiring harness being fitted into a dually truck. I would like to retain the cruise, tow/haul, & manual shift if at all possible.
  5. Yeah maybe. I plan on giving it a respary here after the temps warm up a little. I purchased it for doing some over night camping and such with Boat or the Bronco and of course my trips to Baja. One of them I just want to lay back camp and enjoy the race and not be responsible for any part of a team effort.
  6. It's in, went pretty smooth I'm pretty pleased with. I'm waiting on 2 new dome lights. I am gonna look for a overhead console like in my other GMC.
  7. Okay back to work on the old Burb. I have the rear camera installed and working. Now it's time for a headliner I ordered 5 yards of burgundy headliner material and 4 cans of headliner adhesive of of ebay. For being such a large headliner this was not a hard job to take apart. Only ended up needing 2-13oz cans of adhesive.
  8. PO changed it over to r134 so that has already been done the wiring and such appears to be pretty well unmolested. I need to add a brake controller for my car hauler. I am thinking about a lowering kit for it I wonder if someone makes dropped spindles to fit it.
  9. Hey guys, I been here before The Ford Bronco guy with a GMC itch, I have been looking for a tow vehicle for some of my various hobbies that require a trailer and a spot to sleep. The bourbon came up on good ole' Craigslist and to my many friends surprise was actually capable of sustaining highway speeds for more than 50 miles without needing major Frame, Driveline or Electrical repair. It's just a 2wd, 3/4ton 350, TH400, Sierra Classic with AC and crank windows. I think it could quite possibly be the perfect truck/suv and best of all no engine lights. I'm getting ready to add some small convenience things and tires it really needs tires .and make certain all the mechanicals are sound for dragging the Boat and the Bronco to and fro. You should see the floor pans they are spotless the only rust it has that is thru is a small spot on the drivers side rocker and the lower rear quarter behind the tire. I think I seriously scored well on this thing.
  10. Hello all I recently delved into why my center brake light doesn't work and figured I had bulbs out. I needed to replace the left brake light and since I was going to the store I grabbed a set of 912 bulbs for the center also. To my surprise there were no bulbs in the housing and even more surprising 912's don't fit this truck like you'd think they would. I was able to drop the new ones in from the top and get them seated in the holder, but I still have no brake light and the CHMSL 10a fuse is good. I can't remember the source I found the wiring schematic for the trucks online before. Has anyone else had this problem? The owners manual in the glove compartment was how I came up with the #912 bulb for the CHMSL.
  11. It was almost to easy. I had looked at some of the other long to short conversions and took a couple months to plan it out. I did have a extra hand the first two days to help with moving parts around and stuff. The last couple of frame jobs involved swaping a solid axle in my Bronco so I have the tools and such to make the job pretty easy considering what had to be done. I am thinking about lowering the rear a little to level the truck out for a better stance. I have quite a few projects on my plate the truck just happens to be a DD for me at the moment. I post some pics up after I get it all one color again maybe sitting next to my 78 T/A. I'm going to try and paint them both the same week since the color will all come from the same mix. Thanks for the compliments
  12. Radiator support, hood, passenger fender, headlights, turn signals, grille, and front bumper. I haven't replaced the bumper or fender yet that will be next.
  13. I'm done with the swap, now to replace the rockers and repaint it.
  14. I cut the chassis at the weld joint between the rear and mid section after I was happy with the chassis placement. After that the work that was done was a blurr and I don't have any pictures of the process of rejoining the rear to the front. I had to find a different tank as the one I bought earlier ended up being the wrong type for my fuel pump. luckily I found the correct fuel tank later Tuesday and while I was waiting for a guy at the JY to pull it the driveshaft shop cut my old shaft and had it ready for my return trip to home. I didn't do any work on the truck Wednesday this morning I transferred my fuel from the original tank over to truck and buttoned up a few loose ends so I could drop the bed on and then I drove it to work this afternoon.
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