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  1. Reprogram was on 9/28/21 Crank/ No Start at dealership was on 11/8/21
  2. I've had mine in now 3 times, reprogrammed ECM and even had to have the dealer installed theft deterrent system removed on recommendation from GM engineers which cost me $185 out of pocket in labor expense. Ironically I was at the dealership yesterday picking up some fender flares and the crank / no start happened right in their parking lot. One of the car porters saw it happen. I notified my service tech and told him I'll be in touch to set up yet another visit. The writing is on the wall for me...
  3. Wow, this thread blew up since I looked here last. Dropped off my 21' Sierra AT4 3.0 Duramax for its third trip to the dealer for the Crank / No Start. I've already had the ECM reprogrammed and the issue has even happened to the Service Tech during the second visit while they had equipment hooked up to it, they saw some sort of steering column / ignition code. They reprogrammed the ECM again. Still happening. I've given them plenty to look into from what I've learned on this thread so thanks for all the info. One thing my Service Rep pointed out today is that in order for them to continue with any work I'm responsible for the $185 in labor costs for them to remove the aftermarket theft deterrent system (wiring / connectors) that was installed at the original dealership that I had purchased the truck from. Long story for a different thread... I'll report back with details once I have them.
  4. New Here. First post. I've been getting water thru to my headliner for the past few years on and off, with the recent rains its been happening daily. Immediately checked the 4 sunroof drains. They all worked fine. I then removed the third brake light, once removed, I noticed water underneath it and that the upper lip that seats against the roof line has warped due to overheating, burnt out bulb, bad design etc. I ran a bit of RTV to seal up what I thought was the problem. After so more rain, come to find out I still had leaks. I dropped the rear corner of the headline and poured some water in the sunroof drain channels, what do you know. There's a plastic piece that the rubber coupling / drain tube connects to, its clipped to the aluminum drain chain. There appears to be a rubber seal in there, well that's where it was leaking from. I will pull down the entire headliner to inspect all corners and report back with fix. Thought I let everyone know since I haven't heard about this before, most problems do seem to lie with clogged tubes. I will also be replacing my glass seal as water pours in when closed.
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