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  1. On GM 2500s you should be able to run 35x12.50 with a level kit and factory wheels. There are many guys on here that only turned the keys and run 35x12.50. Your 33's may look a bit odd to you but that is the correct set-up if you plan to use the truck in the field. Stuffing the biggest tire possible is silly if you actually plan to tow or run through creeks at your deer lease. I have seen guys rip bumpers and tires to shreds with the "stuffed" set-up. Just my two pennies....Cheers
  2. Just a follow up on the repair. I was finally forced to take the truck to my dealer. They are very short handed these days and requested 2-10 days for the repair. It took all of 10 days before they were able to access and take a look. Short version is they were able to flash the transfer case module with updated software. This fixed everything immediately and Service 4WD light was removed. I have had the truck a couple of weeks and have utilized the 4WD a few times with no issues. $165.00 out the door. Cheapest visit to a GM Dealer I have ever experienced!
  3. https://www.morris4x4center.com/downloads/dl/file/id/7533/product/109081/rc_17431.pdf Here is a link to the install guide. Thanks for your time!
  4. Hello all I have an issue that I hope we can solve together! I have a 2015 Silverado Z71 that was in perfect working order and 55K miles. I had a 7in suspension lift professionally installed and everything seemed fine. Truck was not throwing and warnings or service lights when I picked it up. After about a week the Service 4wd light came on at start-up. I then tried to engage the 4wd and it will not engage 4wd. The selector light is lit on 2wd and simply goes off when you move it to any other position. There is no noise or anything as if it is simply not getting power. I use the 4wd quite often during deer season in Texas so I am 100% confident it was working a few days before the lift install. I took it back to the 4wd shop and they ran checks and confirmed everything was hooked up correctly. It was not showing any codes on their scan tool as apparently they don't have the high dollar one required to see Service Warning codes. They checked fuses and even got on the phone with Rough Country to no avail. They have now ordered me a new actuator harness from GM as a starting point. I have tried disconnecting the battery for an hour and checked a couple grounds that I could locate. My only thought is the lift has possibly stretched the harness cable and popped a wire somewhere. Anyone else seen this issue in the past? Anything I can try that may be a simple fix? Thanks so much for your time.
  5. 7in Rough Country with loaded struts. 35 12.50 20 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 20x9 (0 offset) Moto Metal 970s in Black/Gunmetal. 1.5in rear spacers. No trimming but plastic air damn was removed. Slight rub in reverse at full clock.
  6. Thanks for the comments! Yes my truck gets used as a truck. Mostly pulls my bass boat to tournaments and the hunting lease. I would never do anything to it that would hamper its pulling capabilities. The 285's did not rub at all without the 1.5in spacers. I have now noticed a slight rub in reverse at full turn only. It appears to be inside driver side nearest your feet. I think if you go with a 2.5 level you could avoid that slight rub. I did not want to go 2.5 or 3.0 since it does stiffen up the front suspension. I have ran 3.0 in the past and noticed quite a bit of "hop" or bounce when going over railroad tracks or dips on the tollway. Certainly a bit scary when you have a full load of gear and a boat in tow. I added a 30in LED light bar connected to a remote switch this afternoon. It fit perfectly on the Ranch Hand Grill Guard. If you are in the market I suggest looking at Arsenal Offroad. For the price you can't beat their products. Avery
  7. Proper wheel spacers bolt on and do not shorten your wheel studs. The spacer itself has new wheel studs at full length. You want to make sure you get the Hub-Centric type from Bora or Supreme Suspensions. Avoid the "Disc type" that simply slip onto your existing studs. This does shorten your stud length and I assume could be dangerous over time. I run 1.5in Hub-Centric spacers from Supreme Suspensions with factory 18's. My wheels have the cut-outs that allow for the extra factory stud length. If your wheels do not have cutouts in the rear you will have to cut the nipples off your factory studs or simply replace them with shorter ones. Properly done I have never had any issues on several GM trucks. Wheel spacers are no different than changing the offset of your rims to get a wider stance. Spacers or offset wheels will put the exact additional strain on your suspension components. 2015 Silverado Z71 2in Rough Country Level Kit 285/65/18 BFG KO2 1.5in Spacers from Supreme Suspensions
  8. Aveman411


    2015 Silverado Ext Cab Z71, 2in Level and 285 65 18 BFG KO2 All Terrains on stock wheels
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