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  1. My new 2022 Silverado 1500 LTD LT. I pick it up today after work!
  2. Well, the fuel injector issue was just the beginning of my problems with my GMC. The horrible projector headlights was next. Followed by losing the condenser and compressor for my A/C. The driver's side seat back kept falling off, even within minutes of a new replacement! Then, to boot, my mileage dropped 6 mpg between city and highway with no reason (or at least the dealer couldn't find a reason). All this with only 37k miles! I had had enough of this truck and went back to a Ram five months ago and have been much happier. GM has lost another customer.
  3. Papi, when I first put my HIDs in I had the same problem as I'm having now. I had to replace a ballast to fix it. When I got the problem recently, it was intermittent. I had a feeling I'd be replacing the ballasts again so I opted to go the LED route.
  4. Those look pretty good, Emtmtb! I just got finished installing mine. I also bought the canbus, but installed without using them. I had to put the canbus in as the lights would shut off. I left the truck in the street running with the LEDs on so I could see what they looked like as I moved my Mustang back into the garage. In that short time they had shut off. If I turned the lights off and back on again, they lit up, but would shut off a few minutes later. I put the canbus filters in and let it run with the lights on while I changed the oil in my wife's Jeep (ugh, who designed the filter location??) and they stayed on. I had the Morimoto HID kit installed for about a year and a half, but I started having trouble with the lights not turning on, individually, at times. I'm sure these LEDs won't be as bright as the HIDs. but if they are brighter than the stock halogens I'll be happy.
  5. I had this problem with my TRS kit on my 2014 Sierra. I swapped parts from the driver's side to the passenger side to see which item was causing this. I ended up having to buy a new ballast. If you are interested I can give you the part number for the unit.
  6. I got the P050D code last week. I brought the truck in on Tuesday and got it back yesterday (Thursday). The Technician also spotted a leaky radiator so that was changed along with the fuel injector for the #3 cylinder. While the Technician did a great job, I can't say anything remotely like that for the rest of the service department as my experience with them was completely unacceptable....... The odd thing about the P050D code with my truck is that when it was seeing this code my transmission was shift up and down with very hard shifts.
  7. Scott, I hear you on the pics. Unfortunately the truck is at home today as I need to pick up an ignition coil for it. I'll post some this evening. Thanks for the welcome, guys!
  8. Hey all, my name is Paul and I'm new here. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Z71 Quad cab. It's my first GM truck in almost 30 years and I have to admit I love how smooth and comfortable it is! Sometimes I'll drive my Mustang to work, but when I get in the Sierra the next day it feels so nice. Guess that's another sign of getting old! Anyway, hi to you all from Massachusetts! It's nice to find this forum Haha, just noticed how I butchered "Hey" in the topic title! Sometimes I'm not too bright ;)
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