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  1. Looking to sell the original wheels that were on my 16 Silverado Z71. They're in near perfect condition, just a couple light scratches here and there that you have to be right up on to see. They have a set of Dueler A/T tires on them right now that are just about dead. Maybe a little life left to them. I don't have the 16 anymore, and these won't fit my 19, so I have no use for them. If anyone is interested in them, I'll sell them locally for $600 for all 4. I think I also have the factory nuts somewhere for them. I'm located in northeast Ohio, but I do pretty frequently travel to Northwest PA and the Ft. Wayne IN area. I'd be happy to meet up with anyone that is interested.
  2. I've never gotten stuck anywhere, in either my 2019 or my 2016 in 4 hi with the G80. You do have to be willing to live with the wheel spin required to lock up the G80. Which I think is something like a 500rpm difference between the rear wheels. EDIT: apparently it's 120rpm. Google is cool.
  3. I have a 2019 Silverado LT 5.3. Different engine choice than what you're asking, but it does have the single speed transfer case and it does fine for me off road. The areas I frequent are not very intense, but like you, I am there for camping/hunting. I've been on rough dirt "roads", that are more just tracks through the woods, in wet summer weather and also snowy winter weather and haven't run into a situation where I thought I was in trouble. If you frequent areas with some very deep mud, or heavily rocky areas, I could see the need for a low range there, but I haven't felt like I miss having it in my case. I came from a 2016 K2 truck with z71 and the low range, and I can count on one hand the number of times I used that low range. I'll attach some photos I have of the new truck in off road settings. This is just my personal opinion on the single speed vs 2 speed t-case. Not saying that no one needs low range.
  4. @saberIf you still have the files, I'd suggest uploading to Thingyverse.com so people don't have to keep asking here. If it's uploaded there, a link can just be shared.
  5. Just did this today on my LT with the single exhaust. Valve clamped open and resonator screens covered. Just enough sound increase. These videos are remote starts at near operating temp, so a cold start should be a bit louder.
  6. Sure is. It was actually replaced last winter after a deer impact. I'd be down for a straight trade if yours is in good shape too.
  7. What color is the grill you have now? I have a black LT, and I'm just over in Akron.
  8. I installed this under the passenger seat. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019Z3RFGY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Tapped into the wires coming down the channel under the door sill. I replaced the door speakers with a set of rockford fosgate's and the overall improvement is pretty good. The sub I linked fits nicely under the front seat, but does interfere with moving the seat all the way back. One of the steel bars under the seat catches on it just a bit. If I tried, I could probably find a way to mount it where it doesn't interfere, but I just haven't had a need to yet.
  9. Update: After a lengthy discussion with the store manager, and a call with the district manager, the store will be paying for all 3 wheels to be refinished. I will have to be without the truck for a few days, since I don't have any other wheels to put on there, but I'm satisfied for now that they are making things right. As long as the refinisher they contract with does quality work. Still have to research them before scheduling the job.
  10. Ideally, yes, I should have checked and not trusted. But hindsight is always 20/20. You're just stating the obvious here, nothing profound. Half-update: The store manager called today and apologized for not calling me on Saturday morning. Apparently had family issues come up. He'll be meeting me tomorrow morning at 8AM.
  11. National Tire & Battery. They also operate stores under the "Tire Kingdom" brand. As for noticing, like I said before, I just got in and headed home. I took a closer look when I got home and immediately noticed the scratches. Didn't occur to me at that exact moment that I should check to see if a shop that specializes in tire work had destroyed my wheels.
  12. Little back story first... I took my girlfriend's 2019 challenger to NTB last year to get a tire plugged. Long story short, they scraped up the lip of the wheel they worked on pretty badly. Worse than your average curb rash. They claimed they "didn't do it" and that it was probably curb rash (which it wasn't), and had to get the district manager involved. After some arguing back and forth, they ended up paying for the wheel to be refinished, and we went on our way. Fast forward to this past Friday, and I decide to give another NTB store on the other side of town another chance on my 2019 Silverado LT. They had a good price on some Cooper's, so I had them install all 4 on Friday afternoon. The attached photos are of what I found when I got the truck back. Didn't notice it when I left the store, because I was just ready to get out of there after sitting for almost 3 hours waiting, but noticed about an hour later after I got home. 3 out of the 4 wheels have deep scratches almost half way around the lip of the wheel, deep enough that I can catch a fingernail on them. They immediately claimed they didn't do it (again), and asked if I'm sure the scratches weren't there before. I assured them they were not, and they asked me to send the photos I had taken to their store email, and the manager would call me when he looked at them. That was at 430PM on Friday, and I still had not gotten a call as of 1PM on Saturday. I called the store, and was told the store manager had something come up and wasn't at the store last night or today, and I would have to bring the truck back on Monday morning for them to look at the damage. At this point, I'm not confident they're going to own up to it. I have been patient with them so far, and am giving them the chance to make it right, but it's not looking good right now. These wheels were spotless when I dropped the truck off, and I have photos to prove it. To top it all off, the left rear tire is leaking at a pretty quick rate (about 5 psi every 6 hours), so I have already had to air it back up twice. My suggestion is, avoid NTB/Tire Kingdom aside from buying the tires themselves there. In the future I will not be letting them touch any vehicle I have control over. They clearly employ techs that don't care about the job they're doing, or the quality of the work. I will update this post as things progress with how they handle the situation.
  13. I hit one last fall that pushed the bumper in far enough to take chunks out of the tire, and crushed the quarter panel, headlight, and the little aero vent thing in the corner. Ended up being over $6k in damage. So adding in the back door damage, I think CamGTP is about right on the damage guess.
  14. Got a reply from TFL this morning. Here's what they said... Hi Chris, Thanks for the note. Our ability to test trucks is limited to the models that manufacturers supply to us. Since they know we take anything with AWD/4WD off-road as part of our reviews, we nearly always get the Z71/Trail Boss versions of trucks to review. So it's not a matter of would we, but can we. Still, if a 4x4 Silverado that's not a Z71 or Trail Boss comes our way, we'll run it off-road. Count on it. Best, Grant So sounds like they don't really get a choice in what GM sends them to use for testing.
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