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  1. Oh no doubt. Zero percent chance of rain for the next 3 days, but I'm fairly certain I just summoned the rain gods by doing this.
  2. Just turned 28k on my '19 LT. No real issues to speak of. Some weird "once in a while" things, like clunking downshifts and popping noises from the roof in hot sun with AC on. But nothing that is outright broken.
  3. I don't fault anyone for making budget conscious decisions by any means, but if you're saying these were 50% the cost of a good name brand tire that lasts 60k miles, and they will only maybe last 30k miles, you're not coming out ahead because you are buying tires twice as often as those with name brand tires. Yeah, cheaper per purchase, but the final incurred cost is the same. I guess my point is it may be a gamble on a lesser known brand, for not much financial savings. Looks like those are holding up pretty well though. To each their own though, no doubt. My suggestion for those looking to save on tires, is to watch tirerack or similar retailers for closeout deals. You can get some good rubber for a steal in some cases.
  4. These should be the part numbers for the 19-20 Silverado skid plates that come on the Z71s. I’ll be picking these up sometime next week, so I’ll be the guinea pig and see if they are correct. 20922755 - transfer case 23385004 - engine/oil pan I’ll likely order them from gm parts outlet, since they seem to have them in stock, and list actual GM part numbers.
  5. I'm actually researching this right now, looking to replace the plastic piece on my non-Z71. My dad works at the Parma, OH stamping plant. He's calling his contact at Fort Wayne assembly tomorrow to see if he can get part numbers for the oil pan and transfer case skids from the Z71. He said it's not something they stamp in house at GM, and likely an outside supplier that makes them. None of the dealers near me could find them aside from order options on a new truck order, so hopefully with a part number, I'll get something. I'll update here when I find out.
  6. Update - got them put in the truck. Too cold to sit out there and wire everything today, but they’re at least in there.
  7. Got my new lights put together. Decided to use the plastic blanks that fill the factory fog light location on trucks without fogs. They fit well on these plastic panels and I’m very confident that the 3 bolts can support the lights. Much cheaper than other options and look decent I think. About a $50 mod, if I don’t have to add anything else.
  8. Looks just like mine did in October. Because of the GM strike, it took my body shop until the end of December to get parts. They did a great job getting it back together though. Can't even tell anything happened.
  9. We got about 3 inches down here. I was actually over in my vacation spot in northwest PA for this one though. Forgot to mention that. Southern tip of the Allegheny forest.
  10. Had the new wheels and tires installed. Thinking about a leveling kit next. Wheels are 18x9 Ultra Armageddon +18 offset, wrapped in LT265/70/18 General Grabber X3's. Pretty happy with the look.
  11. Selling my new take off, 2019 LT wheels and tires. These are the 17” wheels with P255/70/R17 General Grabber HTS tires. The tires have approximately 400 miles of use on them, and the wheels are blemish free. Looking to get $800 local pick up, or $800 plus shipping cost to ship them. I’m located in northeast Ohio for local pickup. Specifically the Akron area.
  12. My 2019 LT double cab. Just had the wheels and tires installed this afternoon. Next will probably be a 1.5” level.
  13. My 2016 LT Z71 all polished up. Finally some decent weather in northeast Ohio this weekend.
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