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  1. Id like to pu myself third in line (if thats where I am now) in case the previous two dont take it.
  2. For those wanting to order from TRS, A member from Coloradofans got it set up so you can purchase through them. Same disocunt code: (GMGB2016) Round Fogs are $160. shows free shipping at checkout. Not sure how long it will run on their site.
  3. Do you think it would be possible to still get a GB going for The retrofit source. Id rather spend the extra 5 dollars and get it from them as they send out warranty replacements at no charge and I have dealt with them in the past. Does the full 10 year warranty apply to the fogs from distantxtremes or does it go under their store policy of only 1 warranty replacements regardless of life of the warranty?
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