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  1. Agree 100%! I even browsed the manual while shopping online. Researched the 19’s inside and out before heading to the dealership and knew exactly what options were a must for me. The salesman tried to steer me to an LTZ instead of the High Country I wanted early on during negotiations, and when I told him it didn’t have a few of the options I wanted, he insisted it did. When I asked him to go out and verify that (knowing for sure he was wrong), he came back with a sheepish look and said I was right. The owner of the dealership chimed in and asked if i wanted a job... loved it! lol For me, the best part of buying a new vehicle is getting to know all of the features that add to your comfort and enhance the driving experience.
  2. I installed a Truxedo Pro X15 on my ‘19. I’m pleased with it- fits well, and the fabric cover looks nicer than vinyl.
  3. Hello From PA!

    Hello from Northeast PA! Just picked up a 2016 Z71 Double Cab and have been browsing the forums- lots of great info from all the folks here. Thanks everyone!

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