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  1. I think you’ll be pleased with it. I get compliments on it frequently, everyone seems to like that it’s very low profile and made out of a heavy cloth like a convertible top. The tensioner works well, I’ve never had to readjust since putting it on about a year ago. As for leaks, I get a bit of seepage in heavy rain around the tailgate corners, nothing extreme. You will notice water pool in the middle of the cover in a steady rain, but it’s never stretched it out of shape, and as I said, I’ve never had to adjust the tension. The only thing you should know, and it’s really not an issue for me, is that if you have the power up tailgate, you will need to leave the cover released before closing because it will usually pinch the seal and not close. I just make sure I latch it AFTER closing the tailgate. It doesn’t interfere with the power down feature.
  2. I believe the limited speed has more to do with what tires the truck is outfitted with from the factory. All tires have a speed rating, and you cannot exceed it without risking tire failure. Here’s a link with a listing of speed ratings... https://www.tireamerica.com/resource/tire-speed-ratings
  3. I think I did pretty well back in February. Leased a ‘19 High Country 4x4 CC, 36/12k, had a ‘16 Silverado leased at the time. Truck sticker was $61500, they paid my last 3 payments, dealership bought the truck back and gave me $500. After loyalty cash and discounts, my payments are $528 + 9% tax for a total of $575. No money down other than 1st month and taxes. Not sure what incentives are available now, but at the time, I think it was about $3700 from GM and the MF was .00158 and residual was at 66 or 67% Hope that helps some, not sure what you may qualify for.
  4. Agree 100%! I even browsed the manual while shopping online. Researched the 19’s inside and out before heading to the dealership and knew exactly what options were a must for me. The salesman tried to steer me to an LTZ instead of the High Country I wanted early on during negotiations, and when I told him it didn’t have a few of the options I wanted, he insisted it did. When I asked him to go out and verify that (knowing for sure he was wrong), he came back with a sheepish look and said I was right. The owner of the dealership chimed in and asked if i wanted a job... loved it! lol For me, the best part of buying a new vehicle is getting to know all of the features that add to your comfort and enhance the driving experience.
  5. I installed a Truxedo Pro X15 on my ‘19. I’m pleased with it- fits well, and the fabric cover looks nicer than vinyl.
  6. Hello from Northeast PA! Just picked up a 2016 Z71 Double Cab and have been browsing the forums- lots of great info from all the folks here. Thanks everyone!
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