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  1. Nope no check engine light and the truck always fires right up. Wires n plugs are next on my list of things to do but I'm a broke college student at the moment who needs books, for now I'll just be letting my truck "warm up" on humid days. Not sure if thats bad in the long run? I noticed some sets for as low as 30$ then up to 200 (performance set I assume). Whats the thoughts between BWD or AC Delco sets? Both have a set around 100$
  2. Well I replaced the cap and rotor only, still happening. Any sort of tests or visual checks I could do instead of replacing more stuff?
  3. Awesome, thanks! Replaced that, definitley had plenty of corrosion in there. The real test will be tomorrow morning, suppose to rain n be super humid again overnight.
  4. 2000 gmc k2500 power loss issue

    My truck has a 5.7l in it and was having an intermittemt issue that's become more frequent. The problem only happens for the first few miles of the day, the truck has almost no acceleration at all. It crawls up to even 25mph. The issue seems to only occur during extrememly humid morni ngs, after its rained, and once after a car wash. I'm not sure where to start looking and since it has previously been a very rare issue. My air filter is brand new and the truck has 106k mi on it.
  5. My truck has the 5.7l engine in it and I've had this issue only a handful of times. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue or has ideas on what to test. The problem: every blue moon when I start the truck for the first time that day and am driving it feels like its choked out one way or another. I have extremely poor acceleration and seems like it simply doesnt wanna go. It only does this for about a mile or two then goes back to normal and drives fine the rest of the day. It seems to only happen on super humid days, after it rained overnight, or once after a car wash. I haven't really checked anything out yet since it hardley ever happens. My air filter is brand new, and the truck has 106k mi on it.
  6. Michigander newbie

    Hey everybody! Finally hopped on one of these so I can ask my own specific questions. I've been able to use this site a good handful of times already for guidance on my truck issues. I am pretty new to actually being a member on forums, so maybe I missed it, but I have some questions about a 2000 GMC K2500, not a sierra. I run into issues with that all the time for some reason. If someone could point me to the proper place for that that'd be awesome. Anyway thanks in advance!

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