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  1. Attach a shop vac to the exhaust pipe (duct tape) and put pressure into the pipes. Spray soapy water at every joint. If it bubbles up, have found your leak.
  2. I have a 2007 with 5.3l. Milage is just past 261k. Going to work yesterday chime goes off and display says"Low oil pressure. Stop engine.". I pull over and turn off the engine and check oil level. Its was good. Started it back up and did not hear any problems and pressure was about 30 psi. Went about a mile and the pressure was gradually falling. Eventually got back to zero again. Got it home and replaced the oil pressure sending unit. Issue still persists.. Next pulled out the little filter under the OPSU. I thread a 6mm bolt into it and pulled out the little filter. Came out easily. It was pretty clogged with crud so I cleaned it up with Brake Kleen. Put it all back together it is all good now. Should have cleaned it before replacing the sending unit.... but oh well. Glad to be back on the road.
  3. Noticed today that my A/C blower fan was not running. Trouble shooting lead me to the plug going to the fan motor. When I disconnected it, I noticed the plug was melted pretty badly. I can buy a replacement harness, but I am wondering if I replace the harness will the new one not just do the same thing eventually? My truck is a 2007 GMC 1500. 242k miles. I got the fan running again and put it back together.... but I know its a matter of time before it stops again. Most of the time the fan is just on the lowest setting. Not sure why it got so hot.
  4. ok. thanks. The rattle actully stopped in the cat. It sounds like whatever it was has moved back into the muffler. I'll start looking for a y-pipe.
  5. Noticed the other day a rattling noise coming from the right side. Sounded like it was coming from my trans. Got up under it and had a friend rev the engine. As the engine revs up/down, it will just make this vibrating/rattling sound at just a certian frequency. Does it sitting still or driving. Most noticable when I stop and start. Pretty sure it is the Right catalytic convertor. Occasionaly I get a CEL and when I check it, it will be the P0420 code. The CEL comes and goes, so I figured that the CC was about to go, now this. Strange thing is, even with this rattle, there is no CEL on right now and its been doing it for about a week. I have 247k miles on my truck and I bought it brand new, so I know these are factory cats in there. question is: 1. Should I just gut the CC? If I do will I not get a CEL because the cat is not working correctly? 2. Replace just the CC with an aftermarket weld-in CC? What is a good brand to get that will last? What about these from ebay 3. Other options to fix the rattle??? could I just cut it apart and figure out whats rattling? Maybe fix the rattle and reweld it back together? Just trying to weigh my options. Thanks,
  6. I was trying to find a suitable replacement for the motors inside the actuators. I wanted something a little more economical than the $25 motors offered by Gruven parts. I have found a suitable replacement, but I will have to purchase them in bulk. I am putting some feelers out just to see how many people would be interested in replacing their actuator motors. The ones that I have found are like $12 each or $40 for 4 motors? If you are interested, let me know with a PM or email me directly at kirka0906 _ AT_ gmail_dot_com Thanks
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