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  1. Lift/Tire combo

    I’ve currently got a 2.5” level and am running 275/65/20s (34.1x10.8) without trouble. I just installed a 1.5” bodylift and have 35x12.5x17s with a set of Method NVs ordered, and I’m sure I’ll clear them because I know a guy who has the same set up. Do enough digging and you might find something that suits your financial needs and your aesthetic wants as well.
  2. Do you know if you can get a non-chrome tailgate handle with the camera? I’m only seeing chrome ones. Also, what screen do you have? I want to make sure I order the correct part number so that I’ll have the same results.
  3. Mudflaps

    Made a quick search and didn’t find anything related to this. Looking to possibily replace my splashguards with actual rubber mudflaps. Has anyone else done this? If so, where didn you get them and what has been your experience with them?
  4. First Truck Tire Purchase - Advice Please

    For what it’s worth, I’ve got a 2.5” level and 275/60/20s. 34.1x10.9 ... no rubbing whatsoever.
  5. Leveling kit + body lift

    I’m running running 285/65/20 on a 2.5” level,l (stock wheels) so you can definitely run bigger with your set up.
  6. Do you think you'd clear these tires with your mudflaps/splash guards left on? Just wondering as I love this size tire but with the salt they use on the road here in the winter, it would be just as well that I sand blast the side of my truck.
  7. I know up here in Canada, you can only get the CC Elevation since 2017s were released. 2016 they were all DC. They seem to have been made much more customizable for the 2017 year.
  8. 2016 LED VS HID

    I really don't like how they've made the headlights unserviceable on these trucks. I've got the 2016 with HIDs and I was planning on switching them out for LEDs until I realized it was near impossible. Pretty bad when a automaker even takes away the ability to customize what bulbs you use in your vehicle.
  9. There are a million topics started about tires. I've looked and I can't find anything posing the question that I have. So I bought a set of 33x12.5R20 Cooper STT Pro tires, used from one of my buddies. On his stock rims, they only scrubbed a little at full cut when backing up. He has a 2" RC level on a '16 Sierra Elevation. Now that I have them on my truck, they scrub at full cut in every direction on both sides, and are rubbing off of both the sway bar and the upper control arm. So much so that they've rubbed the paint off. I have a 2.5" RC level on a '16 Silverado Custom (same truck, same trim essentially). I don't understand why they're scrubbing so much worse on mine. Does anyone have any insight?
  10. I know, I know ...

    They're different rims but the same offset. 20" on both trims are same offset. Stamped steel it looks to be. Closest to that picture.
  11. I know, I know ...

    Wheel offset is the same, both have stock rims. My UCAs are black and a magnet sticks, so steel it is. Not sure on his.
  12. I know, I know ...

    Stock wheels so it's +23 I believe.
  13. I know, I know ...

    What's this zip-tie trick? If you're talking about zip tying something back, I don't see how that will stop the tires from scrubbing on my UCA or sway bar.
  14. Does anyone have any pictures of a 2016/2017 Silverado with a dual row light bar behind the grill? I have a single row and it's not bright enough so I'm bringing it back and getting a dual row, just not sure how it'll look with the arrow openings in my grill.
  15. 2016 Silverado Lightbar

    It's not a cheapo brand. I just want to see a picture of a dual row lightbar behind the grill of a '16 Silverado 1500. The brand I'm using use the same LEDs in their dual and single rows, therefore the dual row is brighter.
  16. 2016 Silverado Lightbar

    That's not a '16, that's a 2014/15.
  17. Does anyone know if you can swap out the bulbs in the 2016 Silverado 1500? The HIDs just aren't the greatest, was going to upgrade to LEDs but I can't find anything online in regards to information about the damn things. Any help is appreciated.
  18. My 2016 Silverado "Custom" 5.3L double cab. Don't have any req recent pictures. Only thing I've done so far is remove th lower front lip and running boards. Thinking about a 2" levelling kit and some tint. Other than that, I want wheels and tires but that'll have to wait until cash flow gets better.

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